What Is Gaiaonline?

     Gaiaonline, or Gaia as it is oft referred to by its many memebers is an online simulation game. Instead of choosing a pet like with wajas or powerpets, you get an avatar instead. You get to choose the looks of your human avatar. Which looks like an anime character as the avatars were made to look like anime characters when gaiaonline was originally formed.

     However, like wajas and powerpets, Gaiaonline does have an economy system set up. You don't need to feed or bath your avatar, but you can dress them up. Don't worry though, there's no nude avatars on the game, they all at least sport gray underwear.

     It's a rather fun website, or game as one might call it where there's even a roleplay game within the game to play itself. That game is called zOMG.



What Is zOMG?

     zOMG is a game found on Gaiaonline which allows any and all members to play. It's an MMORPG game, but only members of Gaiaonline may play. Each character starts out at level one and needs to reach level ten by the time they face the final big boss of the last quest. Those whom have a Gaiaonline account will be able to play with their avatar. Whatever that avatar has on at the time, will show up on the game screen.

     It is, unfortunately only a short game, but also a great way to gain more gaiagold, which is the currency of the sites simulation economy.

Who Plays On Gaiaonline?

     Mostly tweens and young adults play on Gaiaonline, but many older adults as well. However one must be thirteen to join as it is a PG-13 website. Those whom are found to be younger than thirteen will systematically have their account banned for breating Gaiaonline's TOS.

     A lot of members joined Gaiaonline, because of the avatar and the chance to dress it up. Perhaps one of the reasons make your own doll websites aren't quite as popular as they once were. There's more variety with Gaiaonline and a lot of interaction between members as there's also a forum.

     The forums are big, with various sections. There's a chatterbox forum, art forum and writing forum along with others that have to do with technical support, or reviews. There's also forums where users can hold contests for others to join in hopes of winning gaiagold or sought after items from them.

I'm Not Into Anime, Why Should I Join Gaiaonline?

     Just because you're not into anime, doesn't mean Gaiaonline can't be fun, because it can. You may not do anything with your avatar, but you can make many friends on gaia. It's full of forums and people of various ages. Some of the forums talk about more serious topics, while others really can be just silly.

     If you're into text-based roleplays via forums, as long as they don't break Gaiaonline's TOS, there's a forum for that too.

     Artists can also find a place on Gaiaonline, although only if they want to make some game gold. It's a nice way to gain exposure though and you can always link back to your commissions on sites like Deviantart or other artist websites. They too have signatures, but they really don't want any obvious advertising either. Don't link to anything pages above the PG-13 rating either. People will file reports and the offender will be warned once, or even banned without a warning.

     If you're into RPG's, joining Gaiaonline just to play zOMG is fine too. Not that it takes that long to beat the game, but its also the only way to try it out and determine if its something you want to complete.

What Can I Do On Gaiaonline?

     On Gaiaonline you can start a thread in any of the forums, as long as its relevant to said forum. In this manner you may meet and make new friends. Although there are some trolls to be found, as with anywhere that's popular or just has a place for people to interact. You can however report anyone not following Gaiaonlines TOS so to help the site owners, admins and moderators make gaiaonline a safe, friendly and continuously fun environment for all ages thirteen and up.

     As mentioned previously, you can dress up your avatar. There are so many different clothes, that if you owned them all it would be like you were one of the famous rich people. It might feel that way, but remember, its not real life on the site, though you can talk about it, within reason.

     You can play some of their games, besides their MMORPG, zOMG. They have a pinball game and your avatar can even go fishing to get some fish! Unfortunately its not always fish you'll be able to catch as there are tin cans, old boots and tires to be fished out of the water.

     Your avatar is also given a house which you can build upon and add furniture to. You'll also be able to enjoy an aquarium where you take care of virtual fish. Virtual fish do die and there's not stopping it. Some of the aquarium life live longer than others, but when they die, they always leave a present behind.

     The aquarium is also part of a game. When your aquarium is on to play the game, it will flash white. Anyone can play and try and pocket gold coins into a clam over their avatars head. The more fish, the more coins are spilled. Some aquatic life spill more coins than others.

Does Gaiaonline Cost Anything To Join?

     No, Gaiaonline doesn't cost anything to join. There is no subscription fee. However there are special items which can be found in monthly letters.

     Monthly letters costs $2.50 USD a piece. From these letters, special items are released. The less monthly letters bought per month, the rarer the item. Once the month the letter was sold in is over, there will be no more of that item introduced into the game. If only five people were to each buy one monthly letter for that particular month, then there would only ever be five of that item. Rare items, particularly good looking items can then be sold for a lot of gold, the games currency.

     There are items which cost GaiaCash. GaiaCash is a special game currency that has to be bought with real money. However every day one can get up to 10 GaiaCash if they're willing to watch advertisements, or trailers.

How And Where Do I Join?

      In order to join, you can go to Gaiaonline.com and click on their register button. You'll then be asked to select your avatars gender, skintone, face, hair and a newbie outfit. Afterwhich you'll be prompted to select a username which is not yet in use. Your birthdate will also be required along with any other login information. After you've completed the form successfully, you'll then need to wait for a confirmation email. Once you've confirmed you're account, you can begin to explore the world that is Gaiaonline.