The journey to pre-approved status on InfoBarrel -- one writer's experience

If you’re new to InfoBarrel, you are hard at work writing your articles, studying what works, and learning how to navigate the IB interface.  One of the first milestones aside from earning money through Google AdSense or as an Amazon Affiliate is obtaining pre-approved status.  This article gives a brief overview of the importance of the InfoBarrel pre-approval process, the criteria for qualifying for approved status, and what to expect as you work on your first 10 articles.

The Importance of the Pre-Approval Process

With its growing database of articles, InfoBarrel prides itself on providing value for both readers and writers. 

Pre-approved status is a threshold that ensures that a new writer has the writing skills and commitment to be a productive member of InfoBarrel community.  It’s a reasonable requirement those who are serious about writing well and consistently, helping others, and making money in their spare time (with the hope of creating a source of passive income).

Since InfoBarrel managers can deny your articles, the process also gives you and idea of whether you are on the right track.  Thus, the pre-approval process ensures quality and directly benefits you.  

What You Need to Do

To even be considered for pre-approved status, you must be in “good standing” and meet certain criteria that are listed on the FAQ page.  These criteria include being a member for at least 14 days, publishing at least 10 original articles in English, with “minimal inappropriate content.”  

You must also upload an avatar to your account and have written about a wide rage of topics, demonstrating your intent to help provide valuable information to readers.  That is, the aim of your articles should not be for self-promotion or link-building purposes.

According to the FAQ page, once you meet these criteria, an InfoBarrel manager will review your account and decide whether you can be trusted to continue to provide meaningful content.  If so, InfoBarrel will grant you pre-approved status and all articles you subsequently post will go live immediately, provided your account is in good standing.

What to Expect During the Pre-Approval Process

While you wait for your pre-approved status, here’s what you can expect as you work on writing and submitting your articles:

  • Upon submission, your article enters a review queue.  Based on experience, it generally takes about 24-48 hours, not including weekends, for an article to be approved and posted.  When your article is approved, you will receive a congratulatory confirmation message by email.
  • You can update your avatar at any time and your avatar will be updated live across all articles you have previously submitted.
  • Your personal signature appears next to your article on the upper right side of the screen.  Use a signature to describe who you are, and personalize them for each article, if you like.  Edits to your signature can be made at any time and will be immediately updated next to your approved articles that have that particular signature attached to it.  However, if you want to insert or choose a new signature after your article has been submitted, you must resubmit the entire article and wait for it to go through the article approval queue. 
  • If you edit your article after your article has been approved, it will again join the queue for approval before going live on the site.
  • If you need to change the title of your article, like I did after noticing a typo, you need to resubmit the entire article.  Another way to change your article’s title, according to the FAQs, is to contact InfoBarrel.
  • Lastly, note that pre-approved status is not permanent.  Once granted, pre-approved status can be denied or removed at any time should managers determine that you have an ulterior motive or are not producing content in the best interest of InfoBarrel.