Apple has introduced a number of key innovations since the first introduction of the iPhone in 2007. It is safe to say that the mobile phone industry has never been the same since then. However, iPhone users are always hoping for more features to enhance their use of the device.

The iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad introduced a number of new features to satisfy consumers.[3190] This post introduces newer users to five shortcuts used on the newer iPhones.

Multitasking Bar

iPhone Multitasking Bar

For years, iPhone users wanted the ability to multitask. It was often frustrating to be involved using a game or other app and have to shut that app down to use another one.

The iPhone now allows users to swap between different opened apps through the use of the multitasking bar. To access this bar, double click on the home button at the bottom of the iPhone. To browse through the different apps on the bar, run your finger across the bar to the left or right. To open another app, simply tap on the app icon with your finger. In the image above, you could open your messages simply by tapping in the Messages icon.

Notification Center

iPhone Notification Center

Many applications provide notifications, and some of these are important. For example, you can see notifications if you receive a new text message or voice mail. However, it can be difficult to keep track of the notifications when you have several of them.

With the iPhone, you can see all of your recent notifications by accessing the notification center. To do so, start your finger at the top of the status bar (i.e., the top of the screen) and slide your finger down as if you were "pulling" the screen down. You should see a small tab (like the one in the picture above). Continue to slide your finger down to the bottom of the screen. You should see all of your notifications.

You can see more about the notification center in the video below:

Return to Top

iPhone Return to Top

Because the iPhone screen is so small, it is sometimes necessary to scroll many lines through a document to read the entire document. For example, you may find an article that requires you to scroll through many lines to read the entire piece. 

If you need to return to the top of the page, the easy solution is to tap anywhere on the status bar at the top of the screen. This will immediately send you to the top of the email, text message, web page, or whatever.

Control Music

iPhone Music Controls

If you are listenting to music or a podcast, it is easy to pause the music or skip a song without leaving another app you are using. To do so, double click the home button at the bottom of the iphone and then slide your finger to the right at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up the music controls, as shown in the picture immediately above.

Search Your iPhone or the Web

Search Your iPhone or the Web

You can easily search both your iPhone and the Internet in general on the iPhone 4. To access the search page, return to the first screen of apps. You can get here by clicking on the home button from any screen of apps and then pressing the home button again (double-clicking, however, will open the multitasking bar).

You will see a dialogue box at the top of the page that says Search iPhone. This allows you to search for apps, contacts, messages, and so forth on your iPhone. Moreover, the page also allows you to search the Internet or search Wikipedia.