When the security of your business or home situation is an issue, there are many things you can put into place, depending on the type of security breach that needs to be avoided: alarm systems, security guards, razor-wire fences, and so on.  One of the least expensive and most commonly used security items is a surveillance camera.  This article can give you a brief lowdown so that you will be more knowledgeable when it comes to making a purchase and installing a camera or camera system.

Know the Law

The most important thing to be familiar with before you purchase a surveillance system is the privacy laws regarding the situation you're in.  There have been many lawsuits regaVideo Surveillance(40940)rding privacy rights in the workplace, schools, stores, public restrooms and personal homes.  If you have an attorney on retainer, by all means consult with him or her before proceeding with a purchase and installation.  If you do not have an attorney, it is well worthwhile to pay for a consultation regarding this matter; you may save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run by protecting yourself with information.  Before you meet with a lawyer, it would be in your best interest to do a little research on the Internet about the latest rulings are in some of these privacy cases as well as acquaint yourself with the basic laws that will affect you.

Different Types of Cameras

The type of camera you purchase will depend on the facility under surveillance, how many cameras you are buying, where they will be placed, what your budget is, and several other factors.

Wired video surveillance cameras are hard-wired into your electrical system.  These types of cameras are typically placed inside or outside a place of business, toward the ceiling or roof, to monitor a large area below.

Dummy cameras are the best choice for low budgets.  You can basically install what appears to be a surveillance camera in an attempt to deter criminal activity.  While they will not deter problem behavior 100%, many potential criminals will be thwarted just by the thought that they are possibly being watched and recorded.

Wireless cameras allow freedom of placement and movement and are more typically used in undercover operations.  Also known as “spy cameras,” these types of cameras can be disguised as wristwatches, pens, alarm clocks, or other common objects.  Their size and portability typically makes them more costly than wired cameras, so they are generally only used when you truly want to monitor activity without someone's knowledge.

Thinking Outside the Box

Your first instinct, especially if you know nothing about video surveillance, may be to go into the store, talk to a sales representative about your needs, and purchase a camera in their store.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but if you take it upon yourself to do a little research and studying, you may be able to purchase a camera for less than retail.

These cameras can be purchased at online auction sites, through classified ads, and from businesses that are closing their doors.