How to have a Leaner, Sexier Body

A Beginners Guide to a Leaner, Healthier and Sexier Body: How to Increase your Lean Body Muscle Mass.


Lean Sexy Body

While it may not seem like it, spring is just around the corner and that means that summer is not far behind. Imagine what you could do this summer with a leaner, healthier and sexier body. Imagine the confidence of walking along the shore or sitting poolside knowing that you have the body that not only you want, but perhaps someone else does too!  A huge boost in self-confidence, sculpted abs, toned arms and sleek lean legs: these can all be yours when you lower you percentage of Body Fat and increase your Lean Body Muscle Mass.  And along with making you more attractive and giving you more self confidence, a leaner body is a healthier body. It is also a stronger body and one that can give you the energy you need to play at the beach, manage the kids, work a little longer or stay up just a bit later than normal in the bedroom.

The secret to getting ourselves in shape and keeping our bodies lean is really not a secret at all. With a healthy diet and a focused workout you can have a leaner, more toned body and with time, as well as motivation, planning and a little bit of sweat, you can have the results that you want. And now is the time to begin. The plan? Build the muscle, reveal it by getting rid of the fat, and enjoy the benefits.


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Follow a weight training program that uses High Intensity Resistance Training to begin building your lean muscle mass. Work the long muscle groups, such as the Back muscles, the Quadriceps, the Pecs and the Triceps.

To begin, warm up with a light weight by doing 12 to 15 repetitions.  Next, increase the weight by 5 to 10 pounds and do another 10 to 12 reps.  Note that this weight should not be so light that you could do 20 or more reps. Now continue this process until you reach a weight with which you can only do 8 repetitions. This is your target lifting weight. The amount of weight will depend upon the person as well as the muscle group being worked and the specific exercise that is being performed.  Now that we know what our target lifting weight is for each muscle group and for each exercise we are going to write it down in the notebook that we will always have with us when we are working out. Our goal will be to increase our target lifting weight over time by making a motivated effort to exceed our 8 repetitions. When we can lift our target weight 9 times it is time to increase the weight by 5 or 10 pounds and continue with the plan. You can do a full body workout 3 times a week or break it up into 4 days by alternating muscle groups, for example, Upper Body (Chest and Back), Lower Body (Quadriceps and Hamstrings), Upper Body (Shoulders and Arms), Lower Body (Gluts and Calves).

Note: Do not over train. Resting our muscles and giving them the time they need to recuperate is an important factor in their growth. If you do not allow your body to rest it is likely that you will not reach the results that you want and you could end up injuring yourself. Listen to your body and be nice to yourself. This is also part of the process.



In order to see the results of our building phase and reveal the new lean muscle mass that we have sculpted, we need to remove the fat that is covering them. Note that the revealing process is not a separate stage of the process but rather one that goes along with the building phase. If we want the world to see the toned muscle we have diligently worked to attain, the keys will be: Eat for Success and Cardio/Aerobic Exercise.

            Eat for Success

Eat Healthy Lose Fat

We need to feed our body a diet of lean proteins, complete carbohydrates and low fat foods. Salmon, lean chicken breast, white turkey meat, beans and low fat yogurt and soy are some examples of lean proteins. Whole grain bread and rice are complete carbs that give your body the energy it needs to work out and to live. We should eat fruits and vegetables every day, especially the green leafy vegetables. Reduce your alcohol intake. Alcohol may inhibit your body’s ability to burn fat as well as being high in calories.  Increase your intake of essential fatty acids. Omega 3 & 6 not only will help you achieve a leaner muscle mass but they may also help your general health by lowering cholesterol and improving brain function. Sources of these are found in salmon, flax seed, pumpkin seed, sesame oil, walnuts, and green leafy vegetables as well as in soy.

And drink water.  Water helps our muscles to recover and increases the flow of oxygen throughout our body. Also, when we are properly hydrated we can overcome the false sensation of being hungry and avoid taking in calories that we really do not need.


Cardio / Aerobic ExerciseLose Weight, Running,Credit: Mike Baird

This is essential for burning fat and revealing the lean muscle. Run, hike, walk, ride a bike, take a spinning class or do all of the above…the list is endless. But you need a regular cardio program. Choose the activity that interest you and that you most enjoy. You need a minimum of 3 days a week, 30-45 minutes a session. It would be preferable to aim for 4-6 days a week until we meet our goals.  Cardio exercise helps the body to eliminate the stored fat and burn a high number of calories and by doing so you will be more likely to reveal the results of your muscle building workouts. And of course Cardio / Aerobic exercise strengthens and improves the health of our heart as well as improving our overall health.


Now enjoy the leaner, stronger and sexier body that you have created! I will leave it to your imagination as to how…

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