What would you do if faced with the need to defend your family from an intruder in your home? Most of us, thankfully, will never know the answer to this question. However, we must all consider the possibility. If, like me, you choose to keep a weapon in your home in case it is needed for protection, you must consider how to secure that weapon when not in use. After researching all the available options, I believe the best choice for protecting my handgun from unauthorized access and yet allowing me access if it is needed is with a biometric gun safe.

A biometric gun safe operates through the recognition of a set of fingerprints that has been registered by the safe. A pad is located on top of the safe that is linked to the locking mechanism that unlocks the safe and allows access to the contents within when a person that has registered their fingerprints places their hand on the safes biometric pad. This allows for immediate access to your weapon without having to remember a combination or where you placed the key.

I work in a profession that requires me to go from sound asleep to organized chaos within a matter of minutes. I have seen many people unable to handle the adrenaline rush that comes with being placed in a highly stressful situation. Can you imagine that the life of you or your family has been placed in immediate danger and must now remember, not only where the key is or what the combination is, but you have to insert the key or place the dials in just the exact spot for access to the protection you need. Operating proficiently under these conditions requires many hours of training that the average homeowner would likely not have. Thus, being able to place your hand on top of the box and immediately unlock your biometric gun safe seems to be a much better choice for those homeowners.

In my discussions with people about gun safes, the issues that they cite that cause them to choose keyed or combination safes are the cost of the safe, and the need for batteries with a biometric gun safe. Yes, if the batteries in your safe are dead, you will not be able to unlock it. However, something as important as the protection of your family should present the motivation for you to make sure the unit is operational at all times, and I also find it hard to put a price on the safety and security of my family.