The printing industry has revolutionized the way companies publish written work. For instance, let's say you have a quarterly meeting, and you have a thirty people attending this meeting, you can send your proposals, data or other documents to a company that specializes in printing. They would then put your presentation together by putting all the papers in a binder for each of the attendees to read at the meeting and take with them afterwards. You can either pick up the material or in many cases it can be delivered to you. This will give your work a more professional look and leave you with more time to get your other more pressing work done.

Outsourcing your printing does have a cost
, but these companies can mass produce your project and bind your work in a folder to look professional. You can have posters for a trade show printed in color, business cards made for your sales reps. If your company you has a list of rules, employee handbook or standard procedures, you can have them printed out and made into a booklet to give to employees.

Some companies offer you the chance to lease a actual printer and have it in your office for a certain length of time. This can help you with a small project that you want to keep in house, possibly for sensitive, health-related or classified material copying. When you are done be sure the hard drive is deleted so that there are not hard copies of the items that have been printed.

The printing industry is used a lot for publishing books (hard and soft backed), magazines, journals, driver's manuals and owner operation manuals for computers and automobiles. Some office supplies stores have in-store printing that you can walk in and talk to someone about what you need. It is a good idea to get a quote on how much a job will cost before ordering a print job
, sometimes a local printer can beat the online deals from larger print shops and at the end of the day, you don't have to wait for your job or pay for shipping. This way you make sure that it is affordable and that you will not be charged extra fees that you did not know about.

Commercial lithography printing is one of America's largest segments in the industry, both in establishment's and people employed. In 2000 lithography printing made up $55 billion of the printing industries $98 billion in goods. Lithography includes ad circulars, coupons, calendars, maps and posters. It is mainly used for flat sheet and web print technologies.

If you own your own business or work out of an office, you can have a printer make business cards for you. You will need to have your name and all your contact information handy. You can usually put your company logo or another graphic on the card to make it stand out.

The printing industry is primarily used for printing pictures or text on metal, glass, cardboard and paper with three different stages in printing. There is the pre-press stage this is where the material that is to be printed on is made ready, then comes the output or press, the actual printing process itself. The final stage is the finishing or post-press, the time when binding, folding, hole-punching and trimming tasks are performed.