Most people know Kevin O’Leary from the ABC hit show Shark Tank. Kevin has a long history of various businesses and ventures, ranging from television shows to software companies to wineries. Kevin originally started a small software business in the basement of his small Toronto apartment, which later became The Learning Company. From here Kevin would eventually be bought out by Mattel, which would lead to several other business ventures for the venture capitalist.  Kevin has invested in various types of businesses, been on Canadian TV shows as well as American and has been a guest on several shows as a commentator and has also written a few books.

The Book Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women & Money by Kevin O'Leary is O'Leary's most recent book, which focuses naturally on personal finance and wealth creation. The subtitle of the book is "50 Common Money Mistakes and How to Avoid them" The book was definitely an interesting read, particularly because I am a fan of Kevin and a fan of the show. The book focuses on many basic yet sound personal finance principles for saving and investing. Much of what Kevin says is predictably extreme and frugal, but there is a lot of good information in this book.

As a professional financial planner much of this book was very elementary for me but for this book is primarily targeted towards the average person. For the typical Shark Tank fan this book has some great money tips, although I can imagine that most people wouldn’t necessary follow all of them. My favorite part of Kevin's logic is the idea of only investing in securities that pay dividends, and never touching the principal investment. Although the second half of this is often difficult for most people, it is certainly a goal to strive for. It is a strategy that I use in my own life and will continue to use.

The book goes through common money mistakes for all ages and facets of live, and even though I haven't achieved or gotten to some of the stages discussed in the book, I found the information useful. The book may be a little too simple for someone experienced and knowledgeable in investments and personal finance, but it is certainly a good book for the average person who maybe needs some help budgeting and with their finances. Regardless of whether or not you’re a finance expert, the book is certainly entertaining and worth a read, particularly if you love the show.

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