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Customer Care and Staff Motivation can't be faked

I have recently read a book about how to get success in business. Well, I have myself been a successful businessman for many decades, and over the years I have read many books about how to become successful in business (Some of the books I have read were good, others were very bad or maybe rather meaningless). The book I will make a review of in this article is one of the better.
The tittle of the book is: Succeeding in Business for the  Love of it, and when I saw the tittle it reminded me of an old book: Shepherd Mead's book from1952 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: The Dastard's Guide to Fame and Fortune. However, when I began to read Succeeding in Business for the Love of it, I then realized that this book is the complete opposite. It is not a satire such as Shepherd Mead's book is, but it is an honest manual about how to find and keep good customers. Succeeding in Business for the Love of it also gives detailed information about how business owners and leaders can make their employees come to work happy, in good spirits, and feeling progressive at the same time. All this is in the book described with a metaphor: We are all potential Love Entrepreneurs; and a business manager should not run a tight ship, but create a love boat wherein the crew enjoys the cruise.
A Love Boat! This metaphor reminded me of a wall poster that is designed by the artist Andrea Roberts: Wisdom - On this wall poster the Thought is the Wind - And the Knowledge is the Sail:


Who is the author of Succeeding in Business for the Love of it

I find that the image above is a fine example of the author. But who is the author of the book Succeeding in Business for the Love of it and does he have wise, and good thoughts (ideas), and knowledge about customer care. And does he have the knowledge about how to create a happy and motivated staff. Well, the author is J. Marlando.
Marlando? I can almost hear the gasp of many of my fellow writers here at InfoBarrel. But Marlando is one of us! A featured writer, who writes many articles about: Philosophy, history, music, movies, marriage, life, etc. - But yes, J. Marlando is the author of a published book about business management, Succeeding in Business for the Love of it, a book that gives a step by step guide in life, love, and business.

A step-by-step guide to success in life, love and business

Succeeding in Business for the Love of It
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This book is much more than a business manual

Succeeding in Business for the Love of it is much more than a business manual. It is filled with philosophical references, quotes, and small stories about people who came out of misery to success by small changes in their behavior. J. Marlando summarizes in chapter 14, Victim or Victor how a positive, caring, and loving attitude rather than a negative “What can I do?” will help all people to a better situation. J. Marlando’s  words are in particular needed in the present day’s economy. And to all of us (ordinary people or business tycoons) Marlando’s words are very precise: “The truth is, you can’t change your business without starting with you.”

Part One in the book Getting Started describes the complete philosophical framework for Marlando’s system. But it is not described in an academic highbrow way. The many day-to-day examples makes it all very understandable and relevant.
Part two of the book The Love of Business, and the Business of Love is also very practical oriented. It even has examples of how to rate yourself on the route to “love entrepreneurship” and “creating a loving, productive environment”. Part two has several important lists of important questions that must be answered before a new strategy for the company or yourself can be made.
An Interlude is an exploration into self and others. With important elements, such as Who we think we are, and Discovering who we really are.
Part Three is a Summation of it all. If you have accepted J. Marlando’s ideas, then your language at a staff meeting has by now even changed (From the Old Lingo to the Love Language):
Before you said: What did you do to increase sales last week? Now you say: What was the most positive thing that happened between you and your customers last week?
Before you said: We can all work harder! Now you say: We can all find greater joy in our work.
Before you said: Think profit! Now you say: Think service.
Before you said: Close the deal, make the sale! Now you say: Open up to the customer’s feelings and concerns. If you find a need, do your utmost to fill it.

More works by J. Marlando

About the Author

Over the past thirty years J. Marlando has been published more than a hundred times in magazines and newspapers. His name is also on several Amazon Kindle publications, and  on hundreds on InfoBarrel articles. In addition to his writing career he has been producing (off Broadway) several of the big classic musicals, “such as Fiddler on the Roof, Sound of Music, Camelot, and many more”.

In years past he taught a course in creating charisma based on the power of projecting one’s love. These lectures were mainly frequented by actors and entertainers, but also by business owners, CEOs, and employees. Succeeding in Business for the Love of it includes major ingredients from these intriguing lectures.

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From way back when, to the present days

As mentioned before J. Marlando is also a featured writer here at InfoBarrel. One of his own articles tells a lot more about himself, from his childhood, via showbiz, to the present days.