I am not trying to say that a Bosch hedge trimmer is the absolute best landscaping tool on the market; however, I am saying that it will keep your hedges looking great, and give your home some curb appeal! The majority of the landscaping tasks, such as mowing the lawn, must be done on a weekly basis; however, hedges seem to grow at a slow rate, so a home owner must only trim the hedges once every few weeks.

With that being said, you may think that buying a hedge trimmer is not a big deal because you will only be using it a few times during the summer months; however, it is one of the most important household landscaping tools that you can get your hands on! Not only are the hedges one of the first things that people see when they are looking at your home’s landscaping, but they stick in people’s minds because they are a few feet above the ground level!

Bosch’s AHS 63-16C Comes With The Bosch Collecto-Contains The Hedge Clippings

Bosch has come up with innovations on all of their products; whether you are buying one of their gardening tools or landscaping machines, you will surely find something that will make landscaping your home a whole lot easier.

When it comes to the AHS63 hedge trimmer, you will find something called the “Collecto” included in the packaging. If you have ever trimmed hedges, you will know that clipping them is only half of the battle; collecting all of the branches and leaves is literally just as hard! Bosch’s “Collecto” is basically a long bucket that attaches to the side of the hedge trimmer. This accessory allows all of the branches and leaves to fall into the bucket; therefore, eliminating all of the cleaning up that you would have to do when you were finished trimming the hedges!

Bosch Only Offers Electric Hedge Trimmers

Landscapers could argue for hours when it comes to the electric vs. Gas hedge trimmer battle; however, Bosch has decided to stick to one area of the market. Some of the large landscaping companies such as Poulan Pro and Black and Decker have made the decision to offer all types of gardening tools and landscaping equipment; however, Bosch has chosen to specialize in one area of the industry.

The obvious benefit to them doing this is that they offer nearly every electric landscaping tool and accessory that can be attached to them; however, the downside is that a person that enjoys using a gas powered hedge trimmer will not be able to purchase one of their products!

Some of the most notable electric hedge trimmers by Bosch are the AHS 52 LI, and the AHS 4-16. The AHS 52LI is a powerful 18 volt hedge trimmer that will allow you to get through your home’s landscaping with ease. On the other hand, the AHS 4-16 has a modest 390 watt power rating, and will not be able to cut through hedge branches that are more than ½ inch thick!

All Of Bosch’s Electric Landscaping Tools Come With A 2 Year Parts And Labour Guarantee

I always tell people to pay attention to the warranty that their landscaping tool comes with. Whether you are buying a lawn mower, grass trimmer, electric edger, or hedge trimmer, the warranty is what will save you from spending $100 on a repair when your machine decides to break down. Bosch offers a 2 year warranty on all of their electric hedge trimmers. 2 Years may not seem like a very long time; however, Bosch’s tools are built with longevity in mind, so you can bet that your trimmer will last you well over 5 years without giving you any problems!

The Bosch AHS 7000 Hedgecutter Contains A Whopping 63cm Blade Length!

There are well over 10 hedge trimmers that are offered by Bosch; however, the AHS7000 has a 63 cm blade length. If you have deep hedges that surround the landscaping of your home, then you should definitely consider this trimmer as your next purchase. One of the most annoying tasks can be trimming the hedges on one side, and having to venture over to the other side because the blade length on your trimmer wasn’t long enough. This specific model will eliminate the need to do so because 63 cm is long enough to accommodate even the deepest hedges!

At the end of the day, heading into any sport, outdoor, or landscaping store will yield hundreds of options when it comes to buying a hedge trimmer. The Bosch hedge trimmer is by no means meant for a landscaper that  looks after 5 lawns per day; however, it is the perfect tool for anyone that wants to trim the hedges around their home!