Bouncy Seats Vs. Rockers for Infants

When I started shopping for a bouncer seat for my little man I ran into a delima- should I go with a gadgety bouncer seat or a simple rocker? Of course, you can find rockers for infants that have all the same bells and whistles, but since bouncy seats are more popular there are a lot more options with them. 


I Decided On The Bouncer Seat

I tried a rocker for about a week, but baby couldn't get it to move enough for it to entertain him. The idea of a bouncy seat is that the baby can make it bounce with the slightest movement- the motion is soothing and stimulating and keeps your baby content for much longer periods of time than if they are in a stationary seat or bed. 

So I switched to a bouncer. The bouncer seat was light weight, colorful and easy for my little person to move. At just 3 months old he had it going up and down with a surprising amount of energy and it became his favorite place to be. The only thing I regretted about switching from a rocker to the bouncer was that I didn't do enough research. I just went to the store and picked up the first cute, Fisher Price bouncer seat that I saw because it seemed like a reasonable price and didn't look all that different from the others with higher price tags. 


The Fisher Price Snugabunny, The 4Moms MamaRoo and the BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance

Different Options Meet The Needs Of Different Babies

There is such a wide range of options that it's easy to get lost with all the colors and gadgets and forget what you really need. Some babies are perfectly content with a gentle motion caused by their own momentum while other need a constant vibration or movement to sooth them to sleep. Some children are awestruck and entertained by lights and music while others get overwhelmed and don't like things next to their face.

You ought also to consider your own self- if you live in a tight apartment then you will want to find a compact baby bouncy seat, while if you are creating a spacious, themed nursery then you'll want color coordination and won't worry about size. 

A few tips and ideas for if you choose to go with a baby bouncy seat instead of an infant rocker:

Bouncy Seat Leg Width: 

Fisher Price Bouncy seats tend to have very wide legs and many people have had a lot of trouble with tripping over them because they had them in tight and narrow spaces. Make sure you have plenty of room to keep your bouncy seat out of walkways if you go with a Fisher Price Bouncer. For tight spaces try a BabyBjorn BabySitter Balance or the Phil and Ted's Lazy Ted Bouncer. 

Bouncy Seats for Warmer Climates:

BabyBjorn makes their BabySitter Balance Bouncer Seat out of a super breathable mesh that whisks sweat away from your baby's skin for if you live in a warmer climate, prefer to spend your summers without air conditioning or like to spend a lot of time out of doors. They also make a detachable BabySitter Cozy Cover that is soft and plush and swadles your baby around the harness. 

Bouncy Seats with Five Point Harnesses: 

While the typical bouncer seat only comes with a lap belt, there are bouncy seats that are made with five point harnesses for that extra wiggly little one who likes to escape restraints. The Phil and Ted's Lazy Ted Bouncer is a good option that provides the extra security that you need. If that isn't cute enough for you then check out the Graco Simple Snuggles Bouncy seat.