Choosing the right flooring for your home is an important decision, both aesthetically and practically. When looking at your options, you have to consider which area of your house the flooring is for and what its main function will be. Here is a brief guide outlining some of the basic flooring solutions available.

The kitchen is one of the most trafficked areas of the home. It's also the most prone to food and drink spills as well as grease stains and dirt. You'll want a flooring solution that is tough, easy to clean and non-slip. Vinyl floor is a great option for kitchens, as it's durable, washable, and has some bounce to it, which helps prevent breakage in case someone drops a plate or glass. Laminate and wood can work also.

Living Room
The centerpiece of a house is usually the living room. It doesn't get as many food and drink spills as the kitchen, but it does get a good deal of traffic. You can do carpet for your living room and it can work well. It creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort that you and your guests will love. Another good choice, though, is hardwood, provided you complement it with some sturdy decorative area rugs.

The basic requirement here is a flooring solution that's waterproof. A non-waterproof floor can get ruined by toilet and bathtub overflows. Vinyl and ceramic tile flooring is the best bet when it comes to bathrooms. If you're set on the hardwood aesthetic, however, you can get, for a few extra dollars, new waterproof wood flooring made specifically for bathrooms.

Dining Room
Like the kitchen, the dining room gets a lot off food, dirt and liquid spills. With that in mind, avoid carpet flooring. Wood and San Diego's best vinyl flooring are the best options. They can handle spills and are durable enough to handle heavy traffic. If you want to protect the hardwood, invest in a good area rug, preferably one with dark colors, as stains are less evident on dark-colored and patterned rugs.

Bedroom flooring can be more focused on comfort and style. Carpet is a great, cozy option. Pick a color that is neutral, preferably, so that you can implement decorative rugs and other decorative elements more easily.

Hallways and Stairways
These areas get the most traffic, dirt and moisture. They also have one of the biggest effects on the décor of the house. Get sturdy material for hallway and stairway floors. Hardwood combined with non-slip runner carpet works well and provides some design versatility.