Invicta Watches, a Florida-based company, was created by Rapheal Picard in the city of La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland in the year of 1837. The Picard family held on to the company for 153 years until he sold the company to a US ivesting company, relocation of headquarters to Hollywood, Florida. When the new owners took hold of Invicata watches they started offering new brands of watches (i.e. the Potger-Peitri, Activa, S. Coifman, Brizo, etc.).

The current CEO of the company is a third-generation watchmaker, Eyal Lalo, who routinely appears on TV on the ShopNBC show. However, when the "quartz invasion" hit the watch market by electronic watches (i.e. Timex, Casio, etc.), Invicta was was cast away from the public eye, thus making the product rare on the shelves.

While they primarily distribute and produce watches they also offer to the public other products like hats and bags. There are other outlets for their products. They have multiple shops in popular tourist destinations like New York City or Cancun, Mexico.

The name Invicta comes from the Latin word "invictus" (this meaning several different things, namely "to be invincible", "to be superior", to rule", "to conquer"). This allows the feeling of a superiority in the quality of the product to be instilled upon the buyer. Even their company motto, "Smarter by the second", makes the attempt to convey a sense of superior workmanship in the product.

Their company symbol is a Swedish cross inside a diamond. On the edges of the diamond there are wings protruding from each side. Seeing as how Swiss made watches are renowned for accuracy and overall perfection, the Invicta mens watch was on top and the most in demand of these brands. An Invicta watch went from about $500 and up.

Watches from Invicta usually have designs similar to other companies such as Omega and Rolex, so as to keep their target audiences interested. They have been distributing rectangular faced watches, such as the Lupah, to appeal to younger buyers. They have also made good use of their Invicta automatic movement usually only found on more expensive brands but now available affordably through Invicta.

There is a downside to all of this success, however. Invicta has received a rating of about 30% from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or, in other words, a D+ rating and they receive a multitude of complaints on their forum online. They also have well over 86 complaints with the BBB over their products.

Invicta has been providing mechanical pieces of art for the past 173 years of their existence and it is anticipated to provide us with well made watches and accessories for a very long time.