is a great place to find out about the history of Major League Baseball. Many in America consider baseball a national pastime for this country; we've all heard the phrase "It's as American as baseball and apple pie. Many however don't know the history of the game that has captured the attention of so many. Doing a bit of research may help you to understand why some people are really into the game.

The early years

The official year of the game's inception is noted by many to be 1869. There were once two leagues run as separate entities, but in 1901, both the National League and the American League combined to form the Major League Baseball we know today. The acronym that many use to refer to the league today is simply "MLB." Since the major leagues are the highest level that a baseball player can reach, history buffs look to old teams for insight on how the game was played. Teams like the Cincinnati Red Socks, formerly known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings, are a prime example. And while the city of Cincinnati can boast a very long history with the sport, so can other cities, like New York and Chicago. In fact, many large metropolitan cities today have more than one major league baseball team for the city. This has caused diehard rivalries for many fans.

Discrimination in the early years

In the early years of baseball, only white players were allowed to play the sport. The racism that was so divisive in this country served to keep people of color down. Therefore, the African American players started their own league called the "Negro League." The leagues had some of the greatest players in the history of the game; however, many were not allowed to showcase their talent in front of the massive crowds like white players. As is the case with so many sports, industries and sectors in America, African-Americans eventually broke the barriers that allowed other minorities to play the game of baseball, without any of the problems and hatred that they experienced. Many would like to forget this part of baseball's history, but great African American players and those who supported them during trying times of violent and booing fans (who based their wicked gestures solely on the color of the players' skin) will not be forgotten.

Baseball today

Today, each season in baseball has one hundred and sixty-two games. Many look forward to spring, when the season typically begins. The World series and All Star games are pretty big draws in this country, and as mentioned before, the rivalries are great. This is a sport that many people in the Latin American countries have now begun to take notice of, as many players from these countries are now playing in the U.S. The history of this sport is worth looking into. You'll find that many players who made history are still living today. After doing your own research, you can then decide if and/or which team you will be following this year.