What is Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is a special day that is celebrated to honor mothers and show the level how much the mothers are appreciated around the world. In America, Mother's Day is celebrated on second Sunday of May and it is the day which majority of the people takes their mothers out to purchase them special gifts and to eat out to display their love. Actually, Mother's Day starts with ancient cultures which began with the Greeks. On every spring they make a celebration to Rhea, who was regarded as the mother of gods. The British Isles, Romans, Europe and Celtic created offerings to the great mother. The fourth Sunday was lent and was kept by the Christians to honor the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary. As a result, England carried this holiday and called it Mothering Sunday and created it to add all mothers not only Mary.Happy Mother's DayCredit: dev.copacabanaint.com.au

History of Mother’s Day in the United States
Following the same tradition a woman in the United States, Julia Ward Howe fixed a day where she asked mothers to rally collectively for peace. She was an integral part of the Woman’s Suffrage movement.  She also wrote the proclamation for Mother's Day. This woman was considered to be a pacifist, suffragist and was well known among people and was a great poet. But her efforts are all vane and she was not able to receive a formal recognition for a holiday calling it Mothers for Peace. A lady named Anna Jarvis had the idea to create a day for the people to learn about the health condition residents in her community suffered from. She named Mother’s Day as Mother’s Work Day because she thought mothers can support the cause of putting women to work for equal pay and rights as men... After her death, her daughter began a program that was made to memorize the mother. The service for the first time was conducted in a church in West Virginia. It was done on May 10th in the year 1908. During this time she gave a white carnation to eat mother who attended.

To assist continuation with the services every year she asked the assistance of important politicians and businessmen to support her program for honoring mothers. The House of Representatives accepted this by make a proclamation that white carnation must be used by the federal government officials on this day and in turn called this day, Mother's Day. The day did become official in the year 1914, when a bill was signed by Woodrow Wilson saying Mother’s Day will be a national holiday. It has been known officially as Mother's Day from that day.


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For some time many churches, organizations, governments, and individuals observed the same tradition that Anna Jarvis had began and honored the mothers with flowers at church and other prominent events. Prior to this, sending letters and cards were included and also people started calling mother to express their appreciation once the telephone became more widely used. Year after year phone companies report Mother’s Day as a day when the most phone calls are made.  It is assumed that the child away from the nest wants to call and “talk to their mommy.”  I know I do this.  After some years, people started giving presents for Mother’s Day.  This was a little upsetting to Anna Jarvis because, Anna thought that this day was becoming too commercial and real meaning of Mother’s Day was getting lost.  She was okay with the white carnations because it was a simple, special flower representing purity.  I wonder what she would think about the dozen of red roses I sent in years past, or even the gold dipped rose I gave to my wife and mother last year. 
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Observations Across the Globe
Now Mother's Day is celebrated by people in the United States on the second Sunday of May and has really become one of the most famous holiday of the year. People use this opportunity to show their appreciation to their mother. A lot of countries have attributed March as being the Month of Mothers. Most of the middle African, eastern, Asian and European countries celebrate Mother's Day in March. It is mainly because of the old tradition of celebrating motherhood with a particular goddess, whom by numerous cultures was already celebrated. Certain countries such as Nepal and Armenia celebrate Mother’s Day in April. There are many other countries that celebrate mothers in the month of May, as we observe in the United States.


There are also some countries like Mongolia, who celebrates in June, Thailand is in August. Argentina in October and Russia decided to observe this special day in November. Indonesia and does celebrate Mother’ Day in December.  Cybele the Roman goddess represents nature and earth and was considered by them as the great mother. Hilaria festival was celebrated for many days from March 15th to 25th. It is an occasion to pamper your mom with presents and show your love for her.


I find it special that women get the recognition all over the world.  It does not matter when the day is celebrated, the fact that it is celebrated is the achievement.  Regardless of politics, to woman and her great sacrifices of providing the next generation is celebrated.

Mother’s Day should obviously show your inner feelings and not be just a formality. It is a best day to say thanks to mothers for all she performs for children. The day also become highly popular in many countries today and the day has become commercialized.


12 Tips to do for Mother’s Day

  • Send a dozen roses to your mother
  • Mow the yard
  • Take her to a nice restaurant to eat
  • Send her a card
  • Make a telephone (do not text your mother unless you cannot call)
  • Dedicate a song on the radio
  • Take her to a movie
  • Cook her a meal
  • Surprise and pamper her
  • Plan with other siblings or her grandchildren to spend the whole day with her
  • Sing the Happy Birthday Song to her but change Happy Birthday to Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Tell her you love her


Regardless of what you do, if you do it with love and caring, your mother will appreciate it.  You were a gift from God to your mother.  You mother was special enough that God chose her for you.  If she was good enough for God, she is perfect for you. 


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I dedicate this article to My Mother, Kay Cunningham.  I love you, Mom.  I also dedicate it to my wife, Mandy Palmer.  She is a close second to my own mother.  Mason, Hannah, and Sarah are extremely lucky to have her.  A mother’s love can be matched by no other.  To my sister, Traci, who is about to become a mother any day now, you are special and have been blessed with two boys and getting ready to be three.  Happy Mother’s Day to you three special ladies. 

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