There has to be a lot to recommend the Loxley jacket, considering its two hundred dollar price. Fortunately, it does have a good deal of positive traits, if you can afford to consider them to begin with. The plaid pattern avoids obnoxiousness by means of carefully limited color use, placing more emphasis on the dark red and black themselves. It's a lighter coat as far as weights go, but also has various high-technology means of waterproofing incorporated into it. You'll also find that it has some of the options typical to more expensive Woolrich outerwear, such as thumb holes, a detachable hood, and limited fleece lining.

The iconic jacket for Woolrich is probably the stag jacket. Known for its simple, direct appearance combined with bold plaid looks, it's ideal for outside work. A combination of cotton for internal comfort and wool for outer protection makes it hardy but pleasant to wear. The one hundred and seventy dollar price can be a little steep, but it does boast an extra inside pocket to help make it worth it.

Not everyone can afford to dedicate a jacket to a specific setting. For some, a more generalized and broadly useful jacket will work better. Any man thinking such things will want to look at the Woolrich town coat. Concealed zippers and displayed buttons give an easy but good-looking casual wear that can be equally fit for an urban or rural location. The hundred and fifty dollar suggested retail price is somewhat less than that of similar wool blend jackets.

If you can't afford much, you really should consider the Andes Fleece line of jacket some attention. The under forty dollar price and durable design makes it a great value for the cost, perhaps the best one available in all of Woolrich's outerwear. However, you won't find many pleasant surprises like detachable hoods, extra waterproofing treatments, or special pockets.

A step up from the lowest of available jackets, but still quite affordable, Mineral Springs and Brookmill women's jackets are generally seventy dollars and under. These jackets are far thinner than a woolrich arctic parka, but also cheaper and with similar features and less weight and bulk. They're accordingly good for windy and slightly rainy or cold days, and have the added benefit of availability in many colors.

For women, the cheapest of Woolrich jackets is definitely the fleece-based pullover. They're built with the breathability and light construction meant to give them use in a range of temperatures, but are also very warming and long-lasting. They can usually be found for under fifty dollars.

Women who put an emphasis on personal comfort will most likely prefer the Winter Haven corduroy jacket. This under a hundred dollar product concentrates on putting the wearer at ease with a pebble-washed softening treatment and a sleek taffeta-based liner. This is one of the rarer less expensive jackets that includes a spare hidden pocket for security purposes as well.

Currently the only quilted-patterned jacket Woolrich offers, the Pepper Pikes jacket for women uses a traditional floral design. This avoids excessive fanciness by combining it with simpler, soothing color choices. The result is something that captures the viewer's attention unexpectedly but not harshly, and it's slightly over a hundred dollar price is easy to give in to.