Faithfull Products that you might Find Useful in your DIY Projects

 1.  Diamond Sharpening Stone (4 Sided).  This is one of the most popular products offered by the company because it works in sharpening a wide range of materials including HSS, tungsten carbide and HSS tools.  Users also find this diamond stone useful in abrading ceramic tiles, porcelain and glass.  If you are thinking of buying this and use it for your next DIY projects, then be aware that you can actually take advantage of it whether it is dry or comes with water to lubricate it.  This product features a surface gripping base which is extremely safe for work and this is a huge help in your attempt to save time and effort in sharpening blades.


2.  Honing Guide.  This product from Faithfull can be utilized along with an oil, diamond or water sharpening stone as a means of achieving the most ideal cutting angle and relief on plane irons and bevel edged wood chisels.  The good thing about this honing guide is that it is primarily manufactured by taking into consideration the specific standards of craftsmen so expect to be able to produce well-designed and high quality crafts out of it.  It also comes with a perfectly sharpened angle or edge so you will never have a hard time maximizing its full potential especially in helping you accomplish all your DIY tasks.


3.  12 Pocket Chisel Roll.  It is created using a hard-wearing and water resistant nylon backed polyester and comes with double stitches at its stress points to further improve its strength.  It comes with a dozen pockets to ensure that all the chisels and tools that you use for your DIY tasks can fit in it regardless of their individual sizes.  A zip-up compartment can also be seen in the chisel roll and you can use it to store paperwork and small-sized tools.  Handy loops also form part of the roll and these are perfect in storing your pens.


4.  15 Pocket Tool Roll.  This is ideal for you if you want to own something which you can use in storing chisels, files, screw drivers, drills, auger bits and any other tools and materials for your DIY tasks.  Its pockets are also double stitched so you have an assurance that it would take a long time before these would tear up.  You are also guaranteed about the durability of this Faithfull DIY product because it is made up of rubberized and double texture materials.  It is also water resistant so you can expect all the tools inside it to be protected even if you are working on a bad weather.