“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”
Coco Chanel 

Trends to watch Fall 2013


It’s tough to imagine that fall is just around the corner, it seems like we have had two days of summer in the Canadian Prairies, but as the days of July begin to shorten and the nights get chillier, reality sets in. 

A key element of fall 2013 is letting your personal style shine. Many of the ‘new looks’ work best when mixed with established classics. It is a season for dressing your body and making statements about who you are.

Styles and cuts:

All things old are new again. The lines between the decades have blurred and fashion sees a mixing of eras. Sixties boots mix with: 80’s colours, the 90’s grunge pieces.   The fit and flare dresses of the fifties mix with sweaters and motorcycle jackets.  The soft and flowing maxi's of the 70’s or firmly structured mod dresses of the 60's. Jumpsuits are back in the marketplace, alongside draping, rouching and clean unstructured lines, oversized jackets,classics, prints, ruffles, mini's maxi's, plaid shirts and oversized fitting T-shirts and ... yikes... even overalls. It is a good season to find your strengths and determine what is best for your lifestyle and body type.

Prints- prints and more prints!

Stripes, floral, graphic, or tribal the choice is only limited by your style and your size. Tim Gunn throws in age as well, but that is a whole other article!

Jumpsuits, suits, dresses, blouses, pants, skirts, jackets and pretty much every other element show up in print, with varied sizes. Small to oversized floral, large stripes to skinny ones, bold tribal prints to small geometric prints, the runways have it all this year.

Styling tip: if matching prints pick one colour element from both (or all) to tie it together and remember to match the print scale.


Colour trends:

Green is making a strong appearance for fall. From forest shades to neon’s, green is back.  Although neon showed up a lot in spring and summer.  Fall sees it move into highlighting design features.  Navy and metallic are also showing up strong. As are the rich jewel tones that flatter everyone. 

Black and white, although not new, are seen beyond the usual classic pieces. European runways showed a high percentage of shows, highlighted  these two colours. Hilfiger and Klein had complete collections based on the mixing of the staples. Whites, for fall range from milky tones, to stark. Used in head to toe suits or as accents. It is refreshing break from the barrage of colours, textures, and mixes.

As seen in Glamour.com


Oxblood, seen a strong appearance last year and it is still going strong.

Corals, pinks, blues, greens, yellows, oranges, grey, browns, metallic, orange and teal are mixing and matching their way into closets.

Styling tip: doing a tonal look is easier if the textures and shades vary.

Fabrics and textures:

 Lace is still popular and we see a return of silk and rayon. Texture remains popular as do prints. Bold geometric, tribal and floral graphics, tactile textures, sequences and embellishments are still popular.  Sheer is less available, but still popular.

Leather, leather and more leather ... from motorcycle jackets, pants, skirts, tops, lazer cutouts, bias trims and sweaters, it is a key year for mixing leather with everything. Leather accents on everything from houndstooth to lace are showing up. As are tweeds, lace, crochets, furs, and denim, all come together. It's a good year to balance feminine and masculine, adding a modern take, to the blending of eras, textures and gender.

the mix

  A Pin interest post by Tammy Freeman    

Studs, rock chick and biker looks stay in the forefront. While traditionally, dark, blacks and browns, a surge of alternative colours has shown up – from bright to pastels and tan. The latter softens the look and feel which is  good news for the feminine style. Mixing traditional punk elements with a finer fabric is one way to wear the pieces as is adding accessories only.


Denim remains in the forefront of casual wear.  Two toned, coated, coloured, high-waisted, low-rise and mid-rise are all in the spectrum of the season. Pastels, bright jewel tones, darks and printed denim, although less evident for fall. Oxblood, teals, pastels and forest greens are the newest colours to blend into the mix.

In a recent survey by Style magazine 52% of readers prefer skinny jeans. 22 prefer boot cuts and 12 like straight legs – boyfriends and flares came in at 7. The point is that anything goes. Wear what makes you comfortable, fits well and suits your lifestyle and style. 

Classic and modern pieces, intentionally styles for the occasion and the person are key this season.

Styling Tip:  a small  metal stud, skull, or  leather and rhinestone braided bracelet with a lace or satin dress is ultra modern and classic at the same time. Always think about a one to three proportion when mixing distinctive elements and mixing style groups.


The vest is must piece for layering in the cooler months to come. Puffy vests, leather, floral, faux furs or real, denim, plain or belted the vest is show cased as a key layer.  Some surprises, with the mixing of leather and pony hair, as well as floral printed leather and denim have shown up.

Street wear,  has created, an interesting mix of era's. Retro styles and mod revival, motorcycle jackets, touches of grunge and girlie looks. Gone are the days when only one trend dominated the shows and the streets, at a time. The only thing to remember is to make the look overall look the same but to throw in the unexpected element of another era or style. 

Denim remains in the forefront. Wear what fits, works and feels good!

Tweeds, it is refreshing to see the classic Chanel jacket mixing and matching its way back into ready to wear. The trend is more Chanel-like than ever, with bold or layered statement necklaces, and multi stacked bracelets.



Photo: paperbagblog.com                                                                     Photo: ClaraBelleblog

Quilted leather is showing up in all the shows, in keeping with the motorcycle chic look that has become dominant. Photo compliments of Versatilefashions.com


Styling Tip: This is a great season to follow your instincts and let your inner goddess shine.

 Accessory Trends:

Bright pops of color mixes formal attire with street wear. As shown in this photo compliments of Burberry.

belt pop

Mixed metals and gold are showing up with most collections.  Statement pieces remain strong but we are also seeing a trend towards small, dainty pieces and minimal to no accessories.  The choice of accessories is leaning towards the person. We see multiple bracelets and wrapped watches. The choice is only limited only your taste and budget.


Anything goes for bags. Totes, large, small, fringed, hobo and structured  styles are  showing up, depending on what collection you are looking at. Structured bags and tasselled details are the latest trend, but studded, and other embellishments remain strong.

Accessories, hats and scarves, shoes remain a pivotal styling feature, often defining the 'look'. One feature that is new for fall is the use of white shoes for winter wear.

Nude remains a strong choice, it blends with everything and is a keystone to the bright pallet of colours available in clothing.

Styling Tip: If the item goes with nothing it goes with everything!

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Styles: Sneakers, heels, platforms, wedges, boots, flats, pointed, almond-shaped and just about every other shape, colour, heel height imaginable are showing up this season. 

Textures: Pony fur, cow fur, zebra, tapestry, hounds tooth, studded, bi coloured to multi coloured … the array of choices is only limited by you.  

Boots:  Short, tall, cuffed, studded, laced, feathered, wrapped and beyond... I confess to a bit of a boot fetish, as a pair of boots can totally alter the look and feel of an outfit in a second.

Style Tip: As with most accessories pay attention to the details. Studded riding boots with pearls, is a stretch but it might work for you. 2013 is the season to work it!

Visible hardware:

Many of the runways were showing visible hardware. From delicate to oversized, gold to silver, and pretty much everything in-between. Studded belts are showing up for work wear as well as day. It’s an interesting way to blend the era's and to merge different style elements. Classic pieces work well as a core in all wardrobes. If you look at the layers like a canvas, add what you need, but don't overdo any one element. You shine, and ultimately that is what the season is about.

Photo courtesy of Burberry photo bank 



Style tip: The 3 to 1 rule applies here as well. ( example 1/3 gold 2/3 silver)

Other  trends to watch:

Comfortable with a twist:

Pajama's in silks and satins worn with a smoking jacket and loafers, offers a unique and interesting casual look. They look best when the fit matches, either slouchy with a blazer or fitted with a coordinating jacket. 

Military looks:

Are still current, strong shoulders and buttons are an important feature, as is camouflage, in small doses. 

Colour blocking:

This recurring theme from the 60’s and 80’s remains on the forefront. We see dyed fabrics and piecework. Every garment type imaginable from dresses, sweaters, shirts, pants and denim are showing up infused with the colour blocking. The newest two-tone jeans are key to watch as they dress up or down with relative ease.


The revival of the cape, seen across European runways, similar to the 60’s in shape and length. Strongest in blacks and whites, they mix well with everything! Photo courtesy of Burberry photo bank. 

capesCredit: Burberry image file

“Fashion changes, but style endures.”
Coco Chanel

Fall 2013, came all too quickly in my opinion, but the good thing is we are moving in a positive direction in fashion and style. Body types, styles, and age are becoming less relevant as designers and women begin to embrace who and what they are! 2013 eliminates following a trend that is fleeting and uncomplimentary, to your lifestyle and body.  May you have fun using the current trends to enhance your inner goddess, find your style and complement your body.