When it comes to somebody buying a fashion accessory that is made up of a dark tone, people tend to choose a black over a brown tie; however, the brown option may be one of the best things that you can purchase. Black may be a color that goes well with anything that you pair it up with; however, a brown tie will offer a sense of unique style, and attract some visual attention due to people not seeing it worn often. You should definitely read through this article if you are looking for a new tie to add to your suit collection, and do not know which color, pattern, or design that you should choose.

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A Brown Tie Will Add To A Black Suit Perfectly Because They Are Both Dark Tones

People automatically think of wearing a black tie with their black suit to achieve an optimal look; however,Solid Light Brown Neck TieCredit: Amazon.com the truth of the matter is that wearing any tie with a dark tone will work perfectly. For instance, choosing a navy blue model would do well; however, utilizing a brown tie will add to your black suit in a perfect manner. The dual dark tones of brown and black will add some unique style to your overall look. In addition, it will allow you to stray away from the regular black on black look, so that you can attract some attention to the center of your body where the tie is located.

I Would Not Choose A Brown Tie With A Grey Suit Because You Will Be Mixing Medium And Dark TonesSilk Woven Brown Paisley Neck TieCredit: Amazon.com

Although grey is a neutral color in itself, it falls somewhere in between being a dark tone and a light tone. Wearing a dark tie with a dark toned suit would do you well because you would be comparing two similar tones; moreover, wearing a dark tie with a light toned suit will also do you well because you will be contrasting two opposite tones. However, wearing a dark accessory such as a brown tie with a grey suit that cannot be classified as being dark or light toned will not look good! I would avoid this combination unless it is an absolute emergency, and you must do it!

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The Only Way That You Should Wear A Brown Tie With A Blue Shirt Is If The Material Is A Dark HueChocolate Dark Brown TieCredit: Amazon.com

And then there is the issue of deciding which colored shirt to pair with your colored tie. Blue is definitely a popular choice for dress shirts; however, you may be wondering if you can wear your brown tie with your blue shirt. The truth of the matter is that you should only wear these two pieces of clothing together if it is a dark blue shirt. This will ensure that you are matching the overall hue and tone of the two items, and you will definitely receive compliments for them looking so good together.

Choosing A Brown Tie With A Charcoal Suit Will Allow Many People To Compliment You

The human brain has a tendency to love unique looking things that look different from the colors, tones, and designs that they regularly see. Since the majority of people tend to wear a black, brown, or pinstriped suit, choosing a green or charcoal suit will probably bring about some compliments from those individuals that like to look at unique things! Pairing a brown tie with either that charcoal suit or green suit will allow you to match tones, and look unique at the exact same time. This will not only trigger one type of positive reaction for matching the tones of two products, but a second type of positive reaction for wearing something unique that they have probably rarely ever seen. These two positive reactions are likely to bring about at least a few compliments from those people!

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A Brown Tie With Black Pants Will Only Work If You Are Wearing A Brown Belt Or Shoes

As was stated before, matching tones is the key to success in the fashion industry; however, you should never match two fashion items that are touching each other! For instance, you would not wear a brown tie with a brown dress shirt; involving two of the same tones together will make you look like you are trying to camouflage for the army! However, choosing to wear the same dark colors or tones with some lighter tones in between will definitely look amazing! For instance, wearing a brown tie with a brown belt or shoes will allow you to look balanced because you will have the same color being featured vertically down the middle of your upper body, horizontally around the middle of your body, and then along the base of your feet. This will create an overall balanced look, and have a positive effect on everyone`s portrayal of you.