Well, I thought I would relate my experience with Bukisa.

 I am new to the online article-writing scene.  I start exploring it as a way to make some money online about 2 weeks ago. I did a bunch of reading, trying to figure out which sites I stood the best chance of making money at.  I signed up at one site, but didn’t write anything there.  I was still unsure.

 I joined Infobarrel about 10 days ago, and love it.  I have written six articles to date.  But there are a lot of sites, and I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket, so I kept looking around. 

 Bukisa was actually mentioned as a backlink site at first, I think.  But I read they had made some changes and were now more of a full article site.  I also read that they had a lot of traffic because they were non US. 

 So I thought I would give it a try.  I wrote an article, submitted it, and looked around the site a little.  I wrote a complete article, but I did link it to one of my article here at Infobarrel that had more information on the subject.

 They rejected the article.  They told me I was not allowed any “self promotion / advertising / referral links”.  I knew that, but I guess I took it to mean that I might be making something off the link directly, not just traffic.  Besides, as I perused the site, all the articles had links in them.

 I took the link out and resubmitted.  I then sent a note to support asking about the link, and asking about the fact that lots of articles on the site had links.  I stated I heard they had changed the aim of the site.  I asked if they were in the process of cleaning up the site.  I did not include this in my email, but I looked at a message from my referrer, and he had an article on the site bashing the Bukisa changes, and a referral link to the site he was now writing at.

 I heard back from support telling me that no personal promotional links of any kind, and nothing about the rest of the email.

 To myself, I said okay, I will just write articles.  I got a second one online.  Then for my third I wanted a picture.  I could not get the image uploader to work.  I spent over 2 hours working with it and searching the site for help.   Finally I found an image on Flickr that worked, and used the code from there to insert the picture.  And it has a link back to Flickr, They denied the article for “self promotion / advertising / referral links”.  I sent an email to support, but it has been over 12 hours with no reply.  As I looked around more, I found recently approved articles with promotional links.  I also found articles with such atrocious English, that I can also surmise that they were translations.  I guess the non-US feature worked against me there.

 I figured that this would not work.  I usually figure that if I have a problem, someone else does.  I searched the internet for something, but while looking around the Infobarrel Forum, I heard tell of Seekyt.  I joined there as my second site to write at.  Things are looking good so far.

 I am still waiting to hear from support at Bukisa, but am probably just going to take my articles down.  My kids are doing some writing for school, so I may post their articles on Bukisa just for kicks. 

 I look forward to working and making money here at Infobarrel and at Seekyt.