A Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen

A Cal Flame grill is an excellent choice when you're looking to add an outdoor kitchen to your home. The company has been making grills for about 13 years, and its technology improves every year. You can get a Cal Flame grill in drop in BBQ style or an outdoor kitchen island; either way, you'll get the highest quality product imaginable.

Not only is a Cal Flame grill a wonderful thing to cook on, but it's also a Green Machine, highly environmentally friendly. It uses cast burners that require less fuel, so you save money on your energy bills and you don't emit as many toxins into the air. Also, the cast burners make for cleaner, healthier eating on your outdoor kitchen. In addition, they evenly heat the Cal Flame grill, making cooking nicer and safer. And, unlike steel burners out on the market, they never have burn-through, which will ruin your outdoor kitchen horribly. They're, finally, designed to last longer than those of other outdoor kitchen manufacturers, so you know you'll have your Cal Flame grill for years and years. Budget conscious and environmentally concerned individuals will thus appreciate these.

In addition, a Cal Flame grill is built to last, made from the highest quality 16-gauge galvanized steel tube frame and a Hardbacker board that resists moisture in your tile and stucco finishes on your outdoor kitchen. Design-wise, the Cal Flame grill is made to be ergonomic for your comfort and health thanks to its large cooking area. Also, each has a ventilated base so your propane will be used safely. Hassle-free cleaning is made possible by the Cal Flame grill open interior and base, which allow your outdoor kitchen to be accessorized with necessary cabinets and other items you'll want to create the perfect cooking experience.

Overall, a Cal Flame grill is one of the finest in outdoor kitchen products you can buy. Should you choose to invest in one, rest assured you'll have it for years and years of use.

With this brand of outdoor kitchen, you can get the Pavilion line, which comes in four different base sizes from 4' to 10', or the fancier Grand Pavilion Cal Flame grill, which will make the most pleasing look in your backyard.

A Cal Flame grill also features the finest in grilling materials. Convection grills, available in 4- and 5-burner outdoor kitchen styles, circulate the heat evenly, eliminating cold spots, while also delivering up to 97,000 BTUs of power. The G-Series offers value for the budget-conscious consumer. You can get these in charcoal or 3-5 burner options. Although they cost less than the convection grills and perhaps lack some of the features, these types of outdoor kitchen still deliver a whopping 75,000 BTUs. You can even get 1-2 side burner models that provide up to 30,000 BTUs for you to make soups and sauces or warm tortillas.