Man and Woman Yelling
Credit: Image: David Castillo Dominici /

I consider myself to be a calm person.  Sure, I get my moments where I just want to get angry and yell at people.  But when I hear of certain situations where others lose their temper, and give some grief to those who do not deserve it, I shake my head in disbelief.  And 90% of the time, those who are on the receiving end of said anger are people who work in customer service.

Customer service is a position that, most times, does not require an education.  And thus, some look down on the clerks they see working in the stores, believing they are superior to them.  The truth is, it can be a difficult job, depending on the type of customers they get.  Some walk into those stores, believing they should be waited on hand and foot.  Some believe they do not deserve to wait for service for any reason (even going as far as demanding immediate service, when others have waited in line for some time).

Inside Look

Let's see it from the clerk's side.  In one situation, a woman had called in to ask some questions about a product.  About halfway into the call, a customer walked up to the clerk and demanded immediate service.  He calmly replied that he was helping someone over the phone and that he would help her once the call was done.  Angrily, she took the phone from his hand and hung it up, stating that he could now help her.

Meanwhile, the woman on the phone believed that the clerk was the one who hung up on her.  She called back, and when the clerk tried to explain, she did not believe him and calmly asked to speak to a manager.  The manager confirmed that it was indeed the on site customer who had hung up, which was proven by the screaming woman in the background, demanding immediate service because she was at the site, contrarily to her.

The Bigger Man (or Woman)

Yes, this was a bit of an odd situation, but the point is that sometimes, things are not always what they seem.  Maybe the representative on the line does not have the tools needed to remove those extra charges from your phone bill.  Maybe the clerk is not the one who did not order enough of the item that is currently sold out.  Sure, there are some who will not do what they are supposed to, but calmly asking for a manager is better than losing your temper.

In this case, the woman on the phone dealt with the situation calmly, and apologized to the clerk for not believing him.  Heck, I wouldn't have believed him either!  But she did not give him extra grief by giving him the same treatment that caused this situation to begin with.  And that is what I wish more people would do.  Getting angry on a regular basis is bad for your health.  And giving someone grief is adding to their stress.  So let's keep a cool head, and make our (and other's) days a little better.