Air Mattress

The best air mattress is a dry air mattress. Yet it can only deserve the designation of "best" if it also offers the other important air mattress features. Those are the features that every seasoned camper should take the time to look for in an inflatable mattress.

A good camping mattress needs to provide campers with a way to sleep in comfort. It should contain strong, long lasting materials, so that it can endure the rigors associated with numerous camping trips. You want it to have a velour top on it so you will not slip off during the night. If you don't have an air bed with the soft top then you can just put a sheet on it and hopefully it will help.

A hiker might think twice before planning to travel with an inflatable mattress and an air matress pump. A hiker should limit the amount of equipment that he or she packs into a backpack. Yet a hiker might want to think about getting a Coleman air mattress. Other lightweight mattresses include thermarest and REI branded products. They both offer lightweight camping beds for hikers and ones that don't want to put on or carry alot of extra weight. You can often get a thicker bed if it does not self inflate. So if you don't mind blowing up your bed each night then that option might be for you.

The Coleman inflatable mattress delivers both comfort and durability, but it also offers something more. The Coleman mattress is easy to set up. That is an important feature, especially after a long day of hiking.

Sometimes hikers or campers need to set up after sundown. Then they do not want to struggle with a mattress that comes with very complicated set up instructions. Then they appreciate the ease with which the Coleman mattress can be filled with air.

When families go camping, then the parents might want to have a queen air mattress. Coleman makes such a product. Coleman also makes something called a "Quickbed." It allows for the quick joining of two twin mattresses, forming a king sized mattress.

First time campers might want to try sleeping on an air bed mattress. Today it is possible to purchase such a mattress and use it as an outdoor sleep number bed. Then the tired camper can sleep on an adjustable surface. That is a far cry from the old requirement, the demand that the camper adjust to sleeping on a hard surface.