We all know that going on an excursion in the wilderness is all about “roughing it out”, and getting dirty without worrying too much about sanitation; however, it is always beneficial to have a camping shower around the campsite. Although going out into the wilderness may be about getting dirty and roughing it out, you must still maintain your well being by washing yourself. There are two options in regards to washing yourself; you can choose to do so in a nearby lake or utilize a camping shower that you have purchased or made. The only thing that you must be sure of is that the camping site has an available source of running water, so you should do a little research prior to going into the wilderness.

You Can Easily Make A DIY Camping Shower With Some Basic Materials

People automatically think that creating something of this calibre involves a ton of work, and some expensive materials; however, a working shower for the wilderness can easily be made with an enclosure, and a hose with running water. The easiest way to make a DIY camping shower is to create an enclosure out of absolutely anything. You can easily use any round piece of plastic that is about 6.5 feet tall, and wide enough for a human to comfortably fit in. Once that is done, all that you need to do is cut a small hole in the top of the enclosure, and mount a hose angled downwards. Once you have done that, you should cut another small hole about 3 inches from theTexsport Deluxe Camp Shower And Shelter ComboCredit: Amazon.com bottom of the enclosure to act like a drain. All that you have to do is turn on the running water source and you will have a very basic but working shower! The greatest thing about this DIY is that it can even be made in the wilderness if you are in an emergency situation.

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A Homemade Camping Shower Can Be Brought Along On The Trip After It Is Made In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Not everybody has a pickup truck or SUV, but those that have one can easily create an enclosure in the comfort of their own home, and bring it along with them. A homemade camping shower is usually around 6 feet in height, and the beds of most pickup trucks are about 7 feet long; this means that you can easily bring the shower that you have created along with you. Creating a showeColeman 5 Gallon PVC Camp ShowerCredit: Amazon.comr of this sort at home means that you will have access to more tools and equipment, which ultimately means that you will be able to create a better enclosure!

Your Camping Shower Enclosure Should Be Fogged So That You Can See That A Person Is In There, But Not Exactly What They Look Like

As was stated in the first paragraph, you can make the enclosure out of almost any material that you come across; however, the most optimal material would be a fogged plastic. This will allow you to see that there is somebody inside of the enclosure, but not see any details of their body. Creating a camping shower enclosure out of fogged plastic will basically serve as a “vacant or occupieCoghlans Solar Heated Camp ShowerCredit: Amazon.comd” symbol that can let you know if the shower is available or not!

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A Camping Shower Tent Would Be An Awesome Option Because People Could Get Dried And Dressed In The Tent After, And They Would Have Additional Privacy

This may be pushing you available cargo space or budget to the limit, but an entire tent that is devoted to showering would be absolutely optimal. You may want to find a very inexpensive tent that is on sale or you may have an extra tent laying around that is not being used; however, you will definitely be in a good position if you can create an entire camping shower tent. All that is involved in this is placing the shower enclosure inside of the tent; moreover, by doing this you are providing people with additional privacy, and a place to change in peace once they have finished washing themselves.

The Camping Shower Curtain Should Wrap Tightly To The Walls And Be Firm Enough To Survive The Strong Wind

Whether you decide to create a door for the enclosure or use a curtain to hide the person that is showering, you should ensure that it is strong enough to survive the potentially strong winds that could be blowing in the wilderness. Showering outside is not like showering in the comfort of your own bathroom, you must deal with nature’s harsh ways! The camping shower curtain that you use should either wrap tightly to the walls of the enclosure or have some sort of Velcro adhesive to ensure that the curtain doesn’t come flying off when somebody is washing themselves!