Camping Table

Everyone knows they will need a tent and a sleeping bag when they go camping but there is one other item that most new campers won't think about, and yet this item is just as important, and that is the camping table. Usually if you are car camping then you may have a picnic table to use. If you are going to a more remote location then you may not have a table at your disposal.

There are reports of home-made tables in the boundary water canoe area wilderness up on the border of Canada and the United States. Travelers have made their own table out of wood but this is not the norm. On the some of the bigger lakes you may even see real picnic tables that were brought in by boat. So the moral of the story is bring along your own portable camping table and you won't have to worry if someone had already brought on in or made one out of the native trees.

But many non campers will ask why. Surely they just take up space in the car and are something you can manage without? However, those who have experienced camping understand. A folding camping table can really make a difference. Instead of balancing plates on your knees whilst trying to reach for your drink, which is teetering precariously on the uneven ground, you can relax around your camp table and enjoy the company, but this is just one function. Camping tables and chairs will also provide a space for you and your family to enjoy board games or card games well into the evening.

Don't forget your camping chairs to sit around your table with. You may even think about bringing along some heavy duty outdoor folding chairs if you have some bigger people in your group. I know I have ruined a couple chairs in the past because I am right on the weight limit for the chair.

Plus a camping picnic table is also very useful for the preparation of food, giving you a much needed flat surface to organize the meal. So whilst you can manage without one, you will wish you had made a small investment to reap the benefits. There are many different shapes and styles, most made from nylon, wood, plastic or aluminum. The beauty of this is that all portable camping tables are compact and lightweight which makes them particularly easy to slide into your car and take on your vacation.
Plus they are so durable that they will last for many years. If you are looking for a few added extras, some have in built cup holders, and many of the chairs have arm and leg rests.

So in conclusion, whilst you can 'make do' on a camping trip without a table, why would you? They are inexpensive, portable, durable and practical, and all for such a small financial outlay.