Pretty in Pink 

Forget the jokes about women drivers because the Honda Corporation has recently launched a car designed and marketed specifically for women. The original Honda "Fit" has been redesigned and renamed the Honda (Fit) "She's," with the design of a heart taking the place of the apostrophe in the word "She's." The main color of the Honda She's is pink but it also comes in shades of white or brown to "match a woman's eye shadow," according to the automobile’s manufacturers.

Women can feel "pretty in pink" riding around in a Fit transformed into what the designers describe as "adult cute." Although Honda designed the car especially for women, some men may enjoy the idea of whizzing through traffic in a pink subcompact (or not).

Pink Womens CarCredit: by Nemo

Back to the Future for Women's Cars 

The Honda She's is currently the only car marketed exclusively for women, however, as early as 1955, Chrysler had the idea to design a car geared to the female gender with their Dodge La Femme. This female friendly automobile was pink and white and featured space for, among other things, a purse, lipstick, and hat. The Dodge La Femme was manufactured for one year only from 1955 through 1956 as the market for a woman's automobile was not great in the United States. 

The idea for an automobile for women came up again in 2000 when Ford developed a concept of the Windstar, a minivan featuring Maytag products such as a compact washer/dryer, vacuum, and a microwave all located in the rear hatch of the van. But the Ford Windstar never saw the light of day as the idea never made it off the drawing board. 

Now, it appears as though the Honda Corporation has taken a page out of history and decided to go "back to the future" in order to design the Honda She's. But the big question however is, will the idea of a car specifically for women catch-on?

Gal Gear

The pink exterior of the Honda She's complements the pink stitching in the seats, steering wheel, and floor mats. In addition, there are pink metallic rims around the shifter and dashboard displays. The car is also equipped with a particular type of windshield glass which is said to reduce ninety-nine percent of ultraviolet rays. In addition, a special air conditioning system, which Honda says can improve a person's skin quality, has been installed. The "Plasma-Cluster" air conditioning system comes standard in the Honda She's. 

Women Drivers

There is a saying that; "Women drivers are like stars in the sky because you can see them but they can't see you." While the author is unknown, what is known is that women have come a long way and they will decide whether or not the Honda She's is a good idea. However, most women will have to wait awhile because at the moment this "chick car," which retails for $17,500, is only available in Japan.


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