Having just left school or else feeling like a job change, the question you ask is what a suitable career is, and how to study for it. One of the most pleasant and interesting careers is in the world of beauty. There are a multitude of opportunities for success; from, being a qualified nail technician, to a make-up artist, a skin-care specialist or a massage therapist. In short, these all have the same in common, the art of indulging in beauty  and making clientage feel wonderful.

To get the correct and complete training for working in the beauty field, it is wise to attend a beauty School. There are many authenticated and licensed beauty schools throughout  United States.

Where can you work in the beauty industry?

With the right training and qualifications there are many opportunities including health Spa, Beauty Salon, Theatre etc. 

The factors to consider While Choosing Beauty School

Whilst geography might dictate or restrict your choice these are the questions that you need to ask:

• Is the beauty school certified by the National Accrediting Commission for Cosmetology Arts and Sciences
• Are scholarships or financial help available
• Does the course have a recognised qualification on completion
• Do they aid in you gaining state registration/certification

The courses available

Obviously the courses differ among beauty schools but generally the subjects offered are:

• Cosmetology
• Massage Therapy
• Esthetics  (skin care therapy)
• Nail Technology
• A.A.S. Degree

Course content

It is all very well learning all the practicalities of how to apply make up, do a massage or change a set of acrylic nails but for many wannabe beauticians, there is the dream of being self-employed or having their own salon. A good beauty school will not only school you in  theoretical and practical beauty treatments but will also give effective instructions to make better prospect.

• Salon management
• Legal issues
• Insurance
• Employment issues
• Financial management
• Customer service
• Product knowledge
• Marketing and sales techniques

The specialists

Cosmetology – This is the most general of the courses available. It teaches the disciplines of beauty for hair, skin and nails. The breadth of these courses also makes them lengthy so if you are going to beauty school with an aim to become cosmetologist you need to opt for three years course.

Esthetics – If your dream is to work in skin care and spa treatments, you will study for a diploma in esthetics. This will teach you about the techniques of skin maintenance, age prevention, cures and the wide range of treatment therapies.

Nail technology – The trend for acrylics nails and French Polish has created a big demand for qualified nail technicians and they are now a feature of not only nail bars but many a hair salon. A course in nail care will cover manicure, pedicure, hand and foot massage as well as false nails and nail art.

Massage Therapy – It is not only the private sector that enjoys a massage. The medical professions are recognising the value of massage as therapy to patients and there is also a growing demand for people skilled in this discipline. Courses will cover the various styles and types of massage. Make sure the beauty school you choose offers the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work .

Decision time

Women, and today men too are conscious about their appearance, so they go for regular facials and manicure. Hair for both sexes is a very important feature of grooming, so visiting hairdressers considered as an absolute necessity and definitely not just a luxury. There is always an income earned in the beauty business, whether working for a salon or working for yourself, and especially if you have a flair for the field of beauty that you specialize in. You can also be an entrepreneur and create employment for others an also earn an income for yourself.

Opt for this unexplored Beauty field for better career prospect.