If you have a cat and carpet then you have more than likely had to clean up after your cat more times than you'd like to admit and you're never really sure if there's a better carpet cleaning solution than what you've grown accustomed to. If your cat throws up often or hacks up hairballs then take some advice from a man who's cleaned his carpet three to four times a week for a few years. I've tried many carpet cleaning solutions and I've recently settled on one method that seems to work better than anything else.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Solution

The trick is really not that complicated and as long as you clean your carpet soon after the offense I've found this almost always gets the dirt out completely. I purchased some basic carpet cleaner solution for the home. It's the Bissell carpet cleaner solution made specifically for their Spotbot carpet cleaner. The machine works by doing the scrubbing for you however I find that the best way to clean your carpet is to do the work yourself with the machine using it's attached suction hose.

I immediate pickup the cat throw up off the carpet, which is inevitably right in the hall next to our white file cabinet, with a paper towel and soak up any easy moisture on the carpet. Next I brew a near boiling batch of water on the stove and mix in the carpet cleaning solution in proportion that is roughly one to four or 20 percent carpet cleaner.

Once the solution is mixed I pour it into the carpet cleaner and spray the hot solution on the spot on the carpet and let it sit for about thirty seconds. Once the spot sets I then use the Spotbot on its manual function and scrub the spot lightly at first in a small circular motion for about five seconds. While you scrub the carpet the hose is sucking up the liquid and soil into the collection container.

Spot Carpet Cleaning

After the first and very brief light scrubbing I then spray more solution on the spot through the hose and saturate the spot. At this point the carpet already has virtually the entire residue removed and a little discoloration remains. The saturation of the hot carpet cleaning solution on the spot loosens the remaining spot on the carpet enough so that a final good long scrubbing with the suction hose usually picks up the rest of the discoloration.

While I'm scrubbing the carpet on this final pass I make sure to continue spraying new clean carpet cleaning solution on the spot always keeping it saturated while I scrub and suck up dirty cleaning solution. The whole process is amazingly fast I've found and this processes is so effective that I regularly find that it cleans the carpet spot so good that the surrounding carpet looks dirty and the spot looks clean.

Having used this method among many others for three years now I can safely say that the Spotbot on the manual setting using this technique is the best way to clean cat throw up off a carpet… or any small spill for that matter. I understand this article is product specific but I imagine that any handheld suction spot cleaner machine would work just as well so please feel free to give it a try and see if it works for you too. Does the carpet cleaning solution matter much in the deal? I think it does but that is just my opinion. Give it a try.