SCUBA Diving 101

How to Start SCUBA Diving

A Personal Back Story on SCUBA Diving

Dizziness.  Shortness of breath. Sweating. Clammy palms.    All bad signs.  Yes, that is what my husband experienced one Sunday afternoon four years ago.  What was the cause?  To this minute we are not sure but luckily he was fine afterwards.  His doctor told him that no matter the cause of this particular episode that if he did not lose weight and get his blood pressure down, eventually he would meet him at an emergency room.  The outcome might not be as good as it Scuba Diverwas this time around.  Scary.

The next day, my husband, an avid couch potato and movie buff, headed to the nearest gym.  He hired a trainer.  He put himself under the tutelage of a nutritionist.  Slowly and steadily he lost the weight.  The blood pressure came down.  Those are good things, but the best was yet to come. Feeling much better and with new found energy, he embarked on an adventure to fulfill a bucket dream.  What was that bucket dream?  Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus or Scuba, lived on that bucket list and soon transferred to the checked off side of that list.

Prerequisites for  the Couch Potato to Begin  SCUBA Diving

There are a few things to keep in mind when undertaking any new exercise or sport.  First, check with a doctor to make certain of a physical fitness level suited for the activity.  My loving couch potato did just that.  A proud doctor beamed at this patient with the lower weight and blood pressure but higher energy.  Then, no matter the sport, head to a trusted advisor to learn the desired technique for the sport.  My husband researched dive shops in Houston and headed out for the best instruction and equipment.  On a side note, my cute couch potato loves gadgets and gizmos.  Think of the kid in the candy store.  That same picture describes him in the SCUBA shop.

How the Couch Potato Learned to SCUBA Dive

Lessons on what to do can be learned from the couch potato.   Get to a professional in the field of the chosen sport for training. Trust them for advice on training and equipment needed.  For SCUBA diving, a certification is required. Dive shops offer training as either a PADI or SSI diver. These are both types of certifications and debate on which of the two is best lives on, but either works to obtain certification.  Training will involve learning basic diving skills in a swimming pool and then moving to open water.  Finding a shop with a pool at their location is preferable for time and convenience sake.  Classwork, exams, and demonstrations of skill in the water are required to get that certification. As open water is required, training is best done during warm seasons or in a tropical climate. Go easy on the purchase of equipment as costs can be high.  Buy equipment from a certified dive shop, preferably one that also does repairs.  Purchasing online can be less expensive but costly in the end when service is needed.  Part of what is being offered at good dive shops is someone playing the role of trusted advisor.

The Certified SCUBA Diver

Diving is a great sport.  Dive shops sponsor dive trips both close and far away. Join in that fun once certified.   

Getting Children into SCUBA Diving

Dive shops sometimes offer SCUBA lessons for children.  Swimming and snorkeling lessons are the precursors to diving.  A fun aspect of those offerings includes the capability of the shop hosting birthday and seasonal parties.  Again make sure of the child’s physical capabilities and look for a trusted dive shop for instruction and equipment.

The Future of the Ex-Couch Potato

No longer a couch potato, my husband went on to get certified as a trainer and repair technician.  SCUBA diving, the bucket list dream, is now a career change for him.  He works at a SCUBA shop and travels the world on dive trips.   Remember the quote. “He who loves his job never works a day in his life.”    Whatever sport you choose, participate with gusto!  That certainly is not to say a sport needs to turn to a career, but choose a sport, do some research, and get good training and equipment.