A cashmere scarf set in different colours, not only makes a great gift for a friend or loved one, but it can be a great gift to buy for yourself!
If you did not get everything you wanted from Santa, and you are looking to dress up that winter coat with something soft and luxurious, then you should consider cashmere.
This lovely delicate fabric not only keeps you warm on those chilly days, but is also versatile enough to be used as part of your outfit without the coat.  Scarves are a big part of the fashion industry right now, and there are literally hundreds of ways to wear a scarf whether it is for inside or outside fashion.Cashmere Scarf Set
It is one of the most useful accessories to an outfit as it can not only look great, but it can keep that wind off your face or head if you find yourself outside on a cold day, and yet cashmere does not feel heavy.
Cashmere actually started out from the Kashmir goat, which started out in Mongolia, but they are now being bred in Iran, Tibet, India and China.  North America is now raising them too.  The most sought after part of the goats hair is the throat and underbelly where the finest cashmere can be found during the shearing season.
It is considered a luxury wool, and due to it's feather weight lightness and softness it has become very popular.  You can get cashmere made into sweaters, baby items and more, but a cashmere scarf set is still considered a nice gift to give or get for yourself.
Some people stay away from cashmere scarves, as they tend to need extra care and dry cleaning, but that is not totally true, you can clean a cashmere scarf yourself at home with gentle baby shampoo or delicate wool cleaner. 
If you want to add the look of luxury to a coat or jacket, then adding a light weight beautifuly tied cashmere scarf will dress it up quickly. 
A very simple way to wear the scarf with a winter coat or jacket, is to wrap it around your neck by starting at the front, crossing the ends over at the back, and then bringing the ends to the front and either tie them loosely or tuck the ends into your coat.  This will not only look great at your neck, but will help to keep you warm.
No more scratchy scarves!  The best way to keep your scarves lasting years, is to clean them at the end of the season, and make sure you don't hang your scarf up, you need to gently fold it, and treat it as you would wool products by storing them in moth proof closets or drawers with cedar to keep the moths from chewing holes in your delicate clothes.
With proper care, you can get a cashmere scarf set and have it for years to come.  They never really go out of style because they are also functional.  So, if you are stuck on a gift idea at any time of the year you can not go wrong with cashmere.