Owning a changing table topper can really revolutionize your life if you have a newborn baby. While a changing table is nice to own, they are not always very comfortable for your child. Not to mention, new babies have a tendency to make unexpected messes all over even if you are careful. In essence, a table topper sits firmly on top of your changing table and adds padding and support to make the experience much better on both mother and child. As one would expect, there are some mediocre products on the market, and these should be avoided at all cost. Fortunately, good information on this topic will allow you to be successful in your product purchasing.

What To Look for In A Changing Table Topper

Let us be honest, finding the right changing table topper can be very difficult if you are uncertain of what you are really looking for. If you would type this search query into Google or Amazon, you will be shown hundreds of pages of changing table cushions. This alone makes it difficult to weed through products and determine which are good and which are sub-par in quality. While on the surface it may just seem like a table topper is really just a pad for your child, this is not wholly the case. An overview of what makes a changing table pad good is in store.

Immediately, the right changing table topper for your newborn baby will be one that is comfortable. No doubt you have already thought of this fact. However, there are levels of comfort; and perhaps a fact or two you may have no considered regarding changing pads. For example, some of these pads come with a contoured design like a product by the company Summer Infant. The contour can allow a child to be comfortable as he or she rolls around. There will be no concerns with regards to your baby hitting his or her head on the side of a changing table either if you own a pad of this nature. 

The actual material a changing table topper is created out of may also play a role in whether or not the product is sufficient for your needs. Some common materials include PEVA vinyl, cotton, and waterproof substances. Any good quality product will utilize these materials at their core to provide a durable, comfortable, and long-lasting product. On that note, you may also want to consider how ergonomic the device is. A four-sided or circular changing pad will likely be best for any newborn child. I especially note this because safety is vitally important to any product being marketed for use with young children.

On the topic of safety, it is unfortunate that many a changing table topper is developed with toxic materials. While you may expect to only pay about twenty dollars for a decent topper, the reality is that many of these products include some materials that are toxic to young children. Some consumers have left comments pointing out how vinyl coating may only be protecting your child from unnatural and toxic materials underneath. This is frightening for many parents, and will cause them to go running towards a more expensive but purely organic alternative. If you have the money to spend, I would highly recommend finding an organic pad.

Find The Perfect Topper For Your Baby’s Changing Table Today!

From the research I have conducted regarding a great baby changing table topper, I feel I can highly recommend a few products for those of you who are interested. While there are undoubtedly other comfort pads you can purchase for your changing desk, those recommended here have passed my thorough inspection. If you have any alternative suggestions or questions about these products (or table toppers in general), feel free to leave a comment below these great products.

The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Contoured Changing Pad is a very simple device that works very well. It maintains an extremely high rating across the internet, predominately because it is one of the few changing table topper you can find that is truly organic. Granted, the price is a little steep considering the alternatives that are more affordable; but if you are dedicated to providing your child with a wholly safe environment that is not filled with toxins, then you should seriously consider one of these eco-friendly pads. This particular device utilizes soft cotton that is simultaneously firm so your baby will not roll around unintentionally.

Finally, the last changing table topper you should check out is the LA Baby 4 Sided Changing Pad. This is a very cost effective product that also maintains very high ratings among consumers. The cover is nontoxic, though I cannot find information pertaining to the inner materials. With that issue aside, you will love this full body design. It is extremely comfortable. Just from looking at it you will wish you were lying in it yourself. It is also the perfect size for virtually any changing table or dresser you plan to use it with