With the big increase of child diabetes over recent years, a greater significance has been aroused for the diabetes DIETS. This is because one of the main reasons of cause for the child diabetes is the uncontrolled food habits. Foods that contain high amount of cholesterol and fatty acids are being consumed by the children which owes to child diabetes. So by controlling the diet we are eliminating one major cause for this disease and so this is undoubtedly one of the best cures for it.

What is a diabetes diet?

It is simply a diet very similar to the normal healthy diet, but it needs to be followed by children with diabetes. The Food pyramid is followed as a diet whilst keeping a note on the carbohydrate intake. Those who follow the child diabetes diet should eat the same amount of food at fixed intervals of time throughout the day, in order to maintain a constant blood pressure level. They should also keep the amount of fats and sugar consumed to be a desired level as directed by the doctor.

Why follow a diet

You have to care about the diabetes diet of your child. Diabetes affected children must follow a strict diet otherwise the condition of the disease will become worse. The need to follow a diet is very important because the amount of food consumed by a child affects their insulin levels and blood sugar levels. If you eat too much it will increase and if you skip meals the sugar levels will drop. So a good healthy diet plan is essential to maintain the blood sugar level at a balanced level. For a child, a balanced diet along with exercise and medication can help to eliminate this disease.

Structure of the diet

One of the primary requirements for a child diabetes diet is the reduced consumption of fats (especially animal fats) rich foods, oils and sugars. All the modern fast foods should be avoided. Most of the delicious tasting fast foods are profoundly filled with many chemicals and colors which actually are the source of their great taste. In the case of child diabetes you should concentrate on the consumption of pure vitamin and protein rich food. There should also be an increased intake of fibers, vegetables and fruits.

The meals should be consumed at regular intervals including the snack times. Carbohydrates are effective for the amount of insulin needed and maintaining blood sugar. For children with type 1 diabetes, try not to withhold food or give food to a child when they are not hungry. In type 2 diabetes, weight control is primary, because 80% to 90% of children with child diabetes are overweight. A good diet plan, with reduced calories, complex carbohydrates and some monohydrates will help to maintain a good blood sugar level. A good source of monounsaturated fat is peanut or almond butter, almonds, walnuts, and other nuts.


To reduce the child diabetes you need to carefully plan out a child diabetes diet. Reduce the amount of dietary fat. Also the consumption of trans-unsaturated fats should be minimized. They largely contain partially hydrogenated oils. Reducing the fat content helps you to reduce weight quicker. Keep the protein intake in the range of 15-20% of total calories. To help maintain normal levels of cholesterol 6 ounces per day of protein is recommended. Carbohydrate rich foods like grains, breads, cereals, beans, fruits and vegetables should also be consumed. One good guideline for the Child diabetes diet is to increase the dietary fiber and also reduce high calorie and low nutritional value foods and sugar from your child's diet plan.