A Child's Outer Space Themed Bedroom

  Your child dreams of space travel one day - he or she would love to be an astronaut and fly to the moon and beyond.  If you choose to decorate your budding space traveler's bedroom with an outer space theme you'll find this easy to do and affordable, too.  You can create such a theme with a few simple decals and some matching bedding, or go all the way with a space shuttle shaped bed.  Here are a few other ideas to get you started on decorating your child's bedroom with an outer space theme.  Ready to blast off?

   If painting the walls is an option in your residence, blue is the color for outer space themes.  Don't go too dark; it will make the bedroom appear smaller.  One darker accent wall could suffice for a deep outer space appearance.  Try painting the ceiling and dividing it with a darker blue on one half and a lighter blue on the other.  Deep space twinkling star and galaxy peel and stick decals could be added to the darker half, while the lighter half zeroes in on what can be seen through the naked eye when peering into space - the moon, the sun, some faint stars and clouds, of course.  Use stencils to stencil in and paint an outer space scene on a wall.  If you can't paint the walls, peel and stick decals are an excellent way to depict outer space scenes on the walls when decorating your child's bedroom.  At CSN online stores, outer space theme peel and stick decals are available at affordable prices.  Sparkling celestial scenes, rockets, glow in the dark stars, galaxies - all can be purchased to decorate your child's bedroom walls with an outer space scene.  Posters of galaxies, including the Milky Way, and maps of solar systems, including our own, can be found in any educational or science store.  For online shopping, the NASA Space Store has quite a variety of items that can be purchased to accessorize your child's bedroom when decorating.  Mobiles of stars and planets, hanging glow in the dark solar systems, light up solar system mobiles and projection clocks are just a few of the items they carry that will make decorating your child's bedroom with an outer space theme fun. 

  For the windows, curtains with planets or stars can be used.  Bedding with just about any aspect of outer space is relatively easy to find in stores such as Target or online specialty stores.  Matching bedding sets with comforters and sheets depicting rockets and outer space creatures are fine for the younger child; for one slightly older, bedding with prints of solar systems and galaxies might be more age appropriate.  Add rocket plushies and star shaped pillows to the bed.  Throw rugs in these shapes can be used on the floor. 

  If you have carpentry skills, a headboard shaped like a rocket can be made.  Some beds for children can be purchased in shuttle shapes and styles.  Accessories for the room can include bookends and nightlights shaped like flying saucers or space shuttles.  Planet designed clocks and rocket shaped lamps are additional items that work well in decorating your child's bedroom with an outer space theme.  Miniatures of rockets and astronauts can be displayed on a shelf or dresser.

  Once you are finished decorating your child's bedroom with an outer space theme, he or she will be ready to blast off to sleep each night, and land safely each morning.



Furnishing a Small Space Baby's Bedroom on a Budget


  Whether it's your first or fifth baby, if you are on a budget, it can be quite a challenge furnishing your baby's bedroom.  There are the essentials - a place to sleep, somewhere to put baby's clothes, and something to sit down on in the baby's room for night time feedings.  No matter how small your baby's bedroom is, you'll want it to be soothing and inviting and safe.  Here are some suggestions for creating such an environment for your baby's bedroom when you are on a tight budget and dealing with a small space nursery.

  A crib doesn't need to be expensive; just make sure it meets safety standards.  You can always add appliques to the crib for whatever theme you would like for the baby's bedroom.  For a bit more money, a crib that converts to a child's bed is nice.  These can be found for under three hundred dollars; some places might have them on sale for slightly over two hundred dollars.  This saves the later expense of buying a child's bed when he outgrows the crib.  For a nice, small crib, places like Ikea have some small ones available for under $150.00.  These work especially well in a small space nursery!  A full size crib with extras can be worth using even in a small space - if the extras include a changing area and plenty of storage, along with the option of converting to a bed later.

  With a small space nursery, even a changing table can be a challenge to fit in.  There are folding ones available that can be put away when not in use, and also corner shaped changing tables that fit into a bedroom corner!  Folding changing tables can be found at Ikea and other specialty shops.   If you prefer a standard changing table, one with extra storage underneath works perfectly in a small space baby's bedroom.  These can be found for under seventy dollars at places like Amazon or Target.  Make sure there is enough shelf space underneath for storing all the essentials for baby such as diapers, sleepers, lotions, etc.  Although you might be tempted to use a dresser for a changing table, a changing table is the safer choice, with railings to guard against accidental rolling off.  If the changing table doesn't have a rail, make sure to have a secure strap on whatever you use for changing the baby.  There are also dresser/changing table combinations available.  Wall mounted changing tables are another option - when finished, they fold up against the wall.  This can be used for storing things after the baby has outgrown it.

  A comfortable chair to it in, whether nursing or bottle feeding your baby, is another essential.  Try to find room for a comfortable rocking chair, or a small armchair with a foot rest.  This will make late night feedings nicer for you and the baby.  If space is really a problem, a folding rocking chair might be a good solution.

  If you want to include a small dresser, and have the space for it, make sure it is one that can grow with your baby - one that will look good in a child's room as well as a nursery.  Furnishing a small space nursery can be accomplished even on a tight budget using some of these ideas, and once furnished, you can begin the fun of decorating the nursery in whatever theme you choose.  Above all, make sure the furniture  and the decorations you choose for baby's room are safe.  You'll have a small space baby's bedroom fit for a future president!