A Christmas in Vienna

Christmas Fair

The "most wanted" and affordable European Christmas destination is Vienna, the Austrian capital. The Austrian city allures its tourists with magnificent palaces, more than one hundred museums and a lot of holiday surprises.

The Austrian people is known to be very civilized. What I like the most about them is that they are great animal lovers. Most of Vienna inhabitants own at least a dog, which is included in all their daily activities. The animals accompany their owners everywhere: in shops, supermarkets and even pubs.

Vienna by Calash

CalashThere couldn't be a more romantic and pleasant way of discovering the amazing Austrian capital. You can choose between the short circuit (a 20 minutes calash ride in the old centre of the city which costs 40 euros) and the extended circuit, passing through the old centre and also on Ringstrabe Street, which costs 60 euros.

Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn, the summer residence of the imperial family, is one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Europe. The emperor Franz Joseph, who was married to the lovely Empress Sisi, was born here in 1830. The monarch spent the last period of his life in the palace, which became the property of Austria after his death.

Nowadays, the palace is part of UNESCO cultural heritage, due to its historical significance and unique architecture.

You will be fascinated by its luxurious chambers, the garden maze, the Zoo and also by the famous triumphant gate of Glorieta. For a complete tour (50-60 minutes) accompanied by an audio guide you will pay only 13 euros.

The palace is open daily from 8.30 am to 4.30.

The Giant Ferris Wheel, Landmark of Vienna

If you want to witness to the most picturesque Christmas scenery in Vienna, get on the 200 feet tall wheel. The view is truly extraordinary.

The Giant WheelThe wheel is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Vienna, open all year round. Built in 1987 by the English engineer Walter Basset, the Giant Wheel was unique in the world at that time.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 7.25 pm, every day

Ticket Prices: 8.5 euros for adults; 3.5 for children.

The Ring

Wandering on this splendid boulevard of Vienna, you will discover a gate to the past, dominated by the imposing government buildings and spacious parks. Take a tour around the old city by bus (Ring-Linien) and admire the Otto Wagner, the Museum of Fine Arts, the City Park, the State Opera of Vienna, the Imperial Palace Museum, the Parliament building, Burg theatre, the University and many other architectural masterpieces.

The Christmas Fair

Starting with the second half of November the most beautiful places in Vienna are transformed in charming Christmas Fairs. The Austrian Christmas markets can be visited until the last day of Christmas and are entirely dedicated to the winter holidays. The exhibitors' offer is really varied: from sweets and Christmas tree adornments to the screwiest and most wonderful souvenirs.

City of Books

In Vienna, the book shops are stretching on enormous surfaces. They are always full of visitors enchanted by the magical world of books and also allured by the possibility of reading their favorite book right there, in the book shop.

An offer you cannot deny

The most prestigious commercial area in Vienna is Maria Hilfe Strabe. Weekly, there is designated a day in which women receive significant discounts for various products. As I have already mentioned, Vienna is full of surprises, especially during the winter holidays.

You can spend a wonderful Christmas in Vienna at prices starting from 275 euros/5 days of accommodation.