Do you know what the registry is or does? We hear about registry cleaners and free registry cleaners all the time but did you know the registry is the headquarters of your computer? It consists of keys and strings that tell you software how to run. It is a an operations center.

Most of us know how to install applications, its pretty easy isn't it? Just a few clicks and whatever we are installing is running on our computers. But what about uninstalling? Are we comfortable with correctly removing software from our system?For example the software may appear gone from your menus etc but there are usually files left in the registry itself. If software and applications are not installed or uninstalled then the chances are you will have a registry that needs cleaning and will thus need to clean your register. Additionally removing software correctly from your system will ensure you do not have problems with it in the future.

You do not remove software by using the delete key and you may not even be able to remove it correctly with the dialogue box that enables you to install or uninstall software. More often than not there are a series of steps that need to be completed before the software is totally removed.

The most obvious and important tool on any computer is the add and remove programs application. This applications primary use is for programs that do not offer their own uninstall options. You will still use this application to remove most programs as it has the ability to open the software's uninstall screens from one application.

The problem is that many removed applications leave files littering your hard drive. The system does not need them so they are just there, laying around and wasting space, although sometimes they can cause problems by adversing affecting the way some programs run-especially if you install a newer version of a software whilst files from an older version are in the registry. There are some programs that regardless of whether a newer form of a software has been introduced or not will still leave files on the registry and will need to be cleaned.
A registry cleaning program will remove all of these old files, strings and keys and free up space on your computer. This will not only give you more space to store the information, programs and applications you want but will ensure your computer is running at its fastest and optimum performance.

There are many registry programs on the market ranging from free cleaners to more advanced professionally developed software. Whilst there may be no harm in using a free registry cleaner it is probably better to purchase a registry cleaner that has been developed by professionals. This should ensure that you are running the best software to remove the remnants of old software.