Is it possible that you could have ClixSense scam you? This is a question that many people have wondered when deciding whether or not to sign up for this website. I have been using ClixSense for the past few months now, and I can tell you with great confidence that there is no ClixSense scam! This website offers a completely legitimate way to make money online. ClixSense will always send you the money you've earned, and earning money on their site is very easy to do.

To make money with ClixSense you will need to click on advertisements that they offer you when you sign onto your account. These ads will always pay you at least one cent for clicking on them, and some ads even pay you two or three. Now you may be thinking, "A cent? That's it? How will I make any money with ClixSense!" I'll be honest with you, you won't be earning thousands of dollars of month by using this website. However, you can earn $20 or more each month by using ClixSense, and I can tell you that it's some of the easiest money you will ever make throughout your entire life.

How To Maximize Your Earnings With ClixSense:

I'm sure you want to make the most money as possible with ClixSense, and I'll tell you right now how to do that! First, get something started on your computer that you need/want to do (homework, Facebook, ect.) Then log into your ClixSense account and go to the Browse Ads section. Now click on one of the advertisements they give you, and keep the advertisement's tab open for at least 30 seconds (the minimum time needed to have your account credited). While the 30 seconds are counting down you can go back to Facebook, or whatever you were doing, and continue do whatever you want on your computer! After the 30 seconds are done you can go click on another ad, and repeat the process.

Also, I suggest you buy premium membership for your ClixSense account. "What?! Pay money?? I thought this website was free!" Yes, you are completely correct! You can make money with ClixSense with being a free member of their site, and it won't cost you a dime! But if you really want to make good money with ClixSense you need to pay the $10 to get premium membership. This will make it so that you have a far greater number of advertisements to click on, and this will make it so that you can make even more money. You really don't need to upgrade your membership to earn money with ClixSense, but if you plan on using this website a lot I strongly suggest you make the investment.

Do you see how great this is? I hope you do! Not only will you not have ClixSense scam you (which you may have initially been thinking), but by using this program you will be able to make money while talking to friends, gaming, or anything else you like to do on the computer! It's really awesome, I can tell you that.

You can also make even more money by using the ClixSense affiliate program. Their affiliate program will pay you $.10 for every person that signs up for ClixSense though one of your affiliate links (if you are a premium member), and then $2.00 every time one of those referrals gets premium membership. If you will tell just a few of your friends about ClixSense each week, you will make quite a bit of money.

I hope you are beginning to see that ClixSense is not a scam. However, if you are still unconvinced that you won't have ClixSense scam you, then read on!


Here is a list of my top reasons for why ClixSense is not a scam:

  • Easy to navigate website
  • ClixSense offers high paying advertisements (at least one cent for a single click)
  • The affiliate program can add a significant boost to your monthly income
  • Free sign up
  • ClixSense doesn't spam your email
  • Cheap premium membership (a similar program to ClixSense charged $90 for their upgraded accounts!)
  • The ClixSense team answers any questions you send them within a day or two


ClixSense is not perfect, but I haven't found any website that is. So here is a list of my least favorite aspects of ClixSense:

  • There is a limited number of ads (becoming a premium member helps solve this)
  • They only send you your money once a month
  • One cent for a click is nice, but I sure wouldn't complain if they gave more than that
  • Premium membership costs $10, and that's a lot of money for us poor people!

There you have it! Now you know that there is no ClixSense scam! If you still have more questions, feel free to send a message to the ClixSense staff, and they will get back to you within a day or so.

Have fun making money online with ClixSense!