Today, Ford Motors stands as an American multinational automaker with its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, a part of suburban Detroit. With its wonderful automobiles popular across the globe, the company entered the Indian subcontinent and established itself as a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company in 1995.

Today with its main manufacturing plant with capacity of 100,000 vehicles located in Maraimalai Nagar about 45 km from Chennai, it is doing a fine venture in India. And you have number of great four wheelers from the company to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a cool hatch or a chic sedan, or an adventuresome off-roading SUV, Ford produces everything that you are looking for. In the hatchback segment you have a really cool Figo, with good space, great fuel efficiency, and driving dynamics. You have 10 different models to choose from that includes both petrol and diesel variants, in an affordable price range of Rs. 3,81,800 and Rs. 5,94,200 (New Delhi, ex). Though the mileage may not be that alluring yet it is quite decent with 12.5kmpl to 15.5kmpl for the petrol variants and 14.5kmpl to 18.5kmpl for the diesel variants.

Coming to sedans, you have most plush looking Ford Fiesta, available in six different model options out of which four are petrol based and two are diesel based. Its features, performance, handling, everything is class one! It is indeed a drivers’ choice and with all the comfort that it comes packed up with, certainly, passengers’ choice as well! Price tagged between Rs. 7, 34,900 and Rs. 10, 15,500, it is an incredible car to own!

Ford cars in India are available in coolest of the options and with finest of features. Now if you happen to be a happy off-roader always ready for some adventure or have to drive through rough and bumpy roads more often than through the city streets, you have Endeavour, an SUV with really macho appearance and thrilling performance.

Its size often proves troublesome when you have to drive through the crowded city streets; it shouldn’t be a thing to worry as most of us drive SUVs for off-road adventure and quite less for everyday shopping in the city central. You have three different models of Endeavour to choose from out of which two are automatic and one is manual, all being diesel based. What disappoints a buyer is its being too pricy and offering quite less mileage.

Ford cars are classy automobiles to own though they have some flaws like high maintenance cost, and not so good mileage, yet their features and overall performance make them great cars to own!