The need for moisture meters in the construction and woodworking industries is undisputed. From the milling of raw lumber, to final application by the finish carpenter, the moisture content levels of the wood being used must be monitored for ultimate success of the woodworking project. To this end, there are many different brands and models of moisture meters that suit the needs of different industry professionals and hobbyists alike. The dedicated hobbyist who likes to experiment with exotic woods as he constructs jewelry boxes and tables will have much in common with the professional who finds himself building for clients who prefer the use of exotic woods in their flooring, cabinetry, furnishings, and woodwork.

Both of these woodworkers will encounter the specific needs in determining moisture content levels in exotic woods, but they will predominantly deal with native hardwoods and softwoods. These people don’t have to purchase a separate moisture meter for each type of wood. The MMC220 Wagner Moisture Meter can be programed with settings for both tropical, exotic species of wood, native softwoods, and native hardwoods, all in one moisture meter.

The MMC220 is the most popular moisture meter that Wagner sells for woodworking and wood flooring specialists. Since it is easily programmable through use of the included instruction manual, you can program it to check moisture levels in oak flooring, then reprogram it to check the knotty pine cabinetry. But, what few people know is that it can also be programmed to check moisture levels in the tropical and exotic woods used in many special applications. You may also be pleased to find that the MMC220 is excellent for use on other building products, as well, that have similar densities to wood.

The MMC220 has a press and hold feature, which enables you to take a measurement in a hard to reach area, hold the reading, and then bring the meter down to eye level to read the display. You also don’t have to adjust the readings to compensate for ambient temperature, because with the technology employed by Wagner meters, the room or shop temperature is a non-issue. In the past, woodworkers who used pin meters had to be careful to use the meters only within certain temperature ranges, since extremes of temperature would affect the readings. This moisture meter, however will measure only moisture within the wood upon which the sensor pad is placed.

Not only is the MMC220 ideal for the woodworker or hobbyist, it is also perfect for use on a larger scale. If you are responsible for receiving shipments of lumber, the MMC220 will save you an enormous amount of time because of its pinless, IntelliSense Technology. The sensing pad, when held firmly against the lumber, will yield an accurate moisture content level reading much more quickly than a pin-style meter, and it won’t damage the surface of your wood. You can get through an entire shipment of lumber significantly faster with the MMC220. And, it doesn’t matter what kind of wood you are testing, because this meter can be programmed to the specific gravity you need for the job.