Coming to you Live

From Austin, Texas

Children today are very occupied with electronic devices, television, and eating like never before. They can't play outside like I could back in the day because of the ever-changing increase of harm and violence being done to children. When I saw this play was coming to town, I thought how beneficial it would be for the family. It's been a couple of weeks since I purchased our tickets online to see "Mickey Mouse" and company. I remember watching the "Mickey Mouse Club" as a little girl and today was the day that I would see them for myself along with my three boys.

The concert took place at the Frank Erwin Center which is great because it's family oriented. There are more pros than cons... Therefore, purchasing a ticket won't waste your time or money. The characters really came to life, and every performance was believable. All the choreographed dance moves were very organized and precise finalizing the performance to perfection. There were only two things that didn't fit well with the concert. In some segments of the show, there were times where the women were baring too much as far as clothing.            You saw more skin than the outfits; the costumes should-be more modest. I can honestly say that I was glad that I didn't have a husband with me to see that.

There was a dance number being performed where the women conducted a routine to their rendition of the song Put A Ring On It sung by Beyoncé. It had nothing to do with the plot of the show, and it was for a mature audience not children. I can understand upgrading the show to become more urban or hip to these times but there are ways to keep it proper for children. Other than that, the show was entertaining and my family enjoyed it .  If you're considering going to see this show remember to bring plenty of cash to buy toys, knickknacks, and so on.



Disney Concert
Credit: Disney Ticket Master Website