There are a few companies that I would consider to be the best inflatable air mattress brands on the market; however, none of them can compete with the durability and features that are present in a Coleman inflatable mattress! Not only does Coleman offer the most durable air beds on the market, but their camping air mattresses are also extremely comfortable!

This article is not geared towards convincing you to buy a Coleman inflatable mattress of any sort; however, it is geared towards opening your eyes to the pros and cons of buying an air bed that was made by Coleman! Each air mattress brand has geared their products towards a specific type of situation; Coleman has decided to gear their air beds towards camping!

The Coleman 4-In-1 Quickbed Has 4 Different Settings-Two Twins, One King, Or A Raised Twin

I am all about the universality of products; I like to be able to use my products in more than one situation! In my opinion, Coleman offers the best inflatable mattress for a family because it has 4 different settings. The Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed can be used as two separate twin air beds, on king sized air bed, or a raised twin air bed.

The two twin air beds can be used when siblings (such as brothers) go on a camping trip, the king sized air bed can be used when the parents head to the wilderness, and the raised twin would be ideal for anyone that enjoys sleeping with some added comfort! In my opinion, the 4-in-1 Quickbed the best bet when it comes to choosing a Coleman inflatable mattress because it is an all-in-one solution, and can be used by anybody in the famil!

Every Coleman Inflatable Mattress Is Compatible With Hand And Electric Pumps

The one thing that I like about the air beds that Coleman produces is the fact that each of them can be used with electric or hand pumps! No inflatable air mattress that Coleman produces comes with a built in pump; however, this is a good thing because there are plenty of situations that you can use an air mattress in, and each situation will call for a different pump!

For instance, you can have guests coming over to the cottage (where there are plenty of electrical outlets). The last thing that you want to do is hand your guests an inflatable mattress by Coleman, and ask them to inflate it with a hand pump! This is a situation in which an electrical pump would be perfect because you could simply plug the pump into an electrical outlet and watch as the Coleman inflatable mattress gets filled with air!

Another instance would be bringing the air mattress on a camping trip in the woods (I doubt that there would be any electrical outlets in the forest). You would not be able to operate an electric pump to inflate the air mattress, so you would have to bring a hand pump to fill the mattress up with air.

As you can see, each situation is unique, so having an air mattress that is compatible with electric and hand pumps is definitely a benefit!

Coleman Offers Wrap ‘N’ Roll Storage Technology

One of the most tedious tasks involved in using an air mattress is rolling it back up and placing it inside of the storage bag. The engineers at Coleman understand the difficulty, and have developed a Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage technology! This technology allows you to deflate the air bed and roll it up with ease! I am not kidding you when I say that you can have the air mattress rolled up in the bag in less than 3 minutes!

All Coleman Air Mattresses Are Made Of Heavy Duty, Puncture Resistant PVC

PVC seems to be the material of the future when it comes to a durable Coleman inflatable mattress! Not only is it puncture, stretch, and rip resistant, but it is also light and inexpensive. I am sure that there are stronger materials that Coleman could use to make their air mattresses out of; however, they would not be able to offer those air beds to you at an affordable price! I am not saying that the air mattress’ material will not puncture under any circumstances; however, the only way to actually puncture it would be to intentionally try to stab through it with a knife! Any Coleman inflatable mattress is ideal to bring along on a camping trip because it is durable enough to sustain the roughness of the woods!

At the end of the day, there are a few air bed brands that will allow you to have a restful sleep at night; however, sleeping on a Coleman inflatable mattress will literally make you feel as if you are “at home”! Going camping is about enjoying the wilderness; you should choose to incorporate one of Coleman’s air beds into your selection of camping gear so that you can feel comfortable in your tent!