Thomas the Tank Engine Invitations are the First Step in Having a Thomas Party

When your child tells you that they want a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party, the first order of business is to get Thomas the Tank Engine invitations sent to your child's family and friends.  Before you can get to the other supplies, such as Thomas the Train cups and Thomas the Train cake toppers, your guests must know that there is a party in the first place.  Fortunately, there is a good selection of invitations available.  They are all affordable, and they are all available online.  Here is a sampling of the Thomas the Train invitations available for purchase.

Thomas the Tank Engine Invitations Die-Cut, 8 Count

Thomas the Tank Engine Invitations Die-Cut 8 CountThese Thomas the Train Die-Cut Invitations come packaged with 8 invitations.  They feature a smiling Thomas with an "All Aboard!" message that greets the invited guest.  The invitation has a yellow interior on which you can write the details of the birthday party.  With 8 invitations per package you may need to purchase more than one set to cover the guests for your party.




Thomas the Tank Engine Full Steam Ahead Party Invitations, 8 Count

Thomas the Tank Engine Invitations Full Steam AheadThese Thomas the Train invitations are titled the "Full Steam Ahead" invitations and feature a smiling Thomas rolling down the tracks on a yellow background.  The invitations have a blue striped border that fit perfect with the color scheme of the popular children's show.  The slogan, "It's a Party" is prominent at the top of the card.  These invitations are 4 x 5.5 inches and are made of a rather thick card stock.




Thomas the Tank Engine Invitations All Aboard, 8 Count

Thomas the Tank Engine Invitations All AboardThese blue Thomas the Train invitations feature a smiling Thomas chugging down the tracks.  Your guests will be excited about the party when they see that the slogan, "All Aboard!" is written at the bottom of the invitation. 





Other Thomas the Tank Engine Products For the Young Fan

If you are hosting a Thomas the Train party there is a good chance that your little one is going to want some gifts that involve Thomas.  If that is the case, check out these Thomas the Tank Engine electric train sets.  You can find Thomas trains that have wooden tracks and plastic tracks.  In addition, there are tracks that are great for the youngest of Thomas fans as well as fans who are a little bit older and can handle more complicated tracks.

For the child who likes to read or be read to, there are Thomas the Tank Engine books.  There are easy ABC books for toddlers and a full collection of the original Thomas stories written by the Reverend W. Awdry.  You are sure to find the book that suits your needs.

Where Can You Find Thomas the Tank Engine Invitations?

The easiest path to finding these invitations is to search online for them.  There you will be able to search for other Thomas the Train birthday supplies.  You can also comparison shop and possibly save on the shipping costs.  But if shopping online is not your cup of tea, you can find these and other invitations are party stores and retail shops.

And if you're looking for a gift, these Thomas the Train toys present great ideas.