Foods To Treat Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is primarily caused by poor eating habits and interestingly enough it can be effectively be treated by reversing the poor eating habits that caused the problem in the first place. BY eliminating the many poor choices we make with our diets every day and instead adding an emphasis on certain foods which have shown particular promise in treating insulin resistance we can effectively manage the condition and lower our chances of developing diabetes.

There are actually a number of foods which have shown excellent promise as insulin resistance treatments. One food in particular has shown in clinical setting excellent results in reversing insulin resistance. The addition of citrus peel extract to one's diet adds certain flavones which are effective in improving insulin sensitivity. This can allow the body's production of insulin to remain at a more normal level while still accomplishing the same tasks.

What Is Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is actually a condition which is a precursor or warning sign for diabetes. What happens is that when you eat food it is turned into sugars during the digestive process. These sugars enter your blood stream and insulin acts to metabolize the blood sugar and keep only a safe amount of sugar circulating through your blood at any given time. Unfortunately when the body begins acting slowly to the presence of insulin or resisting it more insulin is required to do the job. Treating insulin resistance means conditioning your body to require less insulin to keep your blood sugar levels in check because the alternative typically results in diabetes.

In addition to citrus peel extract, foods rich in vitamin K act as quality treatments for insulin resistance. Vitamin K works by managing the swings in insulin production keeping them relatively uniform and tame. This works because vitamin K has been shown to help treat insulin sensitivity just as citrus peel extract does.

The Best Treatment For Insulin Resistance

Of course the best treatment for insulin resistance has little to do with food at all. If you really want to address a budding insulin resistance problem you should get off your couch and get active. Studies have shown that simply exercising at high intensity levels for just 15 minutes six times in two weeks is all it takes to start reversing insulin resistance. That's not bad and it's pretty fast too.

Resistance training is actually one of the best ways to improve insulin sensitivity because it can be done at high intensity and even at moderate intensity it is well known to be excellent at getting the job done. If you need to decrease insulin resistance with your diet there is no better extra credit than getting active and working out.