Iphone 5 - Still Evolving

Over recent years, there have been multiple pundits and speculators claiming that there’s going to be an iPhone budget model. Some people talk in terms of a 200 dollar phone, some in terms of a 400 dollar phone. The reality is, Apple would be taking a great risk if they were to bring out a budget phone when all their phones are up to the state of being premium, high-end offerings that consumers can rely on. In this article we will compare the three most recent iPhones. We should look at their dimensions, their weight, their display, their processor, their RAM, their storage, their wireless capability, their battery, cameras and come to a conclusion as to which represents the best value in the market at the moment.

The Dimensions of the iPhone

When it comes to getting i-Phone deals, it’s important to understand the phone you’re getting. We’ll start with the dimensions. On iPhone 5, we have a 123.8 millimetres x 58.6 millimetres x 7.6 millimetre phone. It is super skinny and the thinnest phone from i-Phone by almost 2 millimetres. The i-Phone 4S measures 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3millimetres. It is pretty stunning that the i-Phone 5 can get an extra half-inch display on the screen whilst remaining balanced but only increasing the size by 8 millimetres. The iPhone-4 measure 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 and so has the same dimensions as the i-Phone 4S. The skinnier iPhone 5 makes it more comfortable in the hand and it also has nice materials being made of aluminium rather than predominantly the previous glass models.

The Weight of the iPhones

The i-Phone 5 measures in by far the lightest at 112 grams. The iPhone 4S is the heaviest at 140 grams and iPhone-4 comes in the middle, close to iPhone 4S at 137 grams. Despite feeling very light in the hand, the iPhone 5 is well-balanced indeed.

The Display

The i-Phone 5 has a 0.5 inch increase in size and has an 1136 x 640, 326 pixels per inch display. The iPhone-4s and iPhone-4 both have the same 3.5 inch, 960 x 640 displays also with 326 ppi. All three have the Retina display. The ppi on all models is the same which is a real shame when it comes to iPhone innovation as we expect models to get better and better, all we have is an extra half inch on the display, which really wasn’t enough in terms of innovation.

The Processors

The processors on the phone are all different. On the iPhone-4 you have the A4, single core at 800 megahertz, which these days looks more like a budget or lower medium phone. The iPhone-4S has a dual core of 800 megahertz in the form of the A5 processor and the iPhone-5 has a dual core at 1.3 gigahertz in the form of the A6. The i-Phone 5 is certainly much fastest, snappier and better performing than the other phones. Don’t be fooled that the 1.3 gigahertz dual core is slow. Everything that you do on an iPhone is designed to be done on an iPhone and therefore, the processor is just right.

The RAM on the iPhones

 The i-Phone 4S and the iPhone 4 have 512 megabytes of RAM whereas the iPhone 5 gets an upgrade to 1 gigabytes of RAM. Nowadays, phones such as the Samsung Galaxy x4 have two gigabytes of RAM so the iPhone-5 is looking a little dated, as it is in many of its specifications against other phones in the market but it is, still an upgrade on the previous models.

The Storage Available on the Models

When you’re looking at iPhone deals, you often look at the memory capacity especially if you are into music and movies. The iPhone-4 had just 8 gigabytes of on both storage and no capacity to extend memory. Indeed, none of the iPhones offer the opportunity to use a micro SD card or any additional storage.  The i-Phone 4S doubles the iPhone-4 memory with 16 gigabytes and the iPhone 5 comes in different variants, in 16 gigabytes, 32 gigabytes and 64 gigabyte forms. It used to be the case that you can get i-Phone 4S and iPhone 4 in different variants but the models that you see nowadays sold on the market tend to be the ones above.

The Wireless Connectivity Options

The iPhone-5 gets long term 4G connectivity which means you can attain speeds averaging 8-12 megabits per second on broadband. With iPhone deals on 4G, you really can’t be spoiled on choice when it comes to activities you can do on your phone. Your iPhone 4S and iPhone-4 come with 3G but you can get a Chest PA plus on the i-Phone 4S which can mean faster speeds.

The Battery Life of the iPhone models

The iPhone-4 boasts 7 hours of talktime whereas the other two models boast 8 hours. The i-Phone 4 for has six hour of web browsing on 3G and ten hours of Wi-Fi while the iPhone-4S has six hours 3G and nine hours Wi-Fi. The i-Phone 5 is slightly better with 8 hours of web, 3G and LTE connectivity, and ten hours of web Wi-Fi access.

The Cameras on the Phones

The iPhone-4 came with a 5 megapixel camera and could shoot 720p video, which is distinctly mid-range again these days. The iPhone 4S comes with an 8 megapixel camera with camera and VGA front. The iPhone-5 also has an 8 megapixel camera to with 1.2 megapixel front camera.   The camera is very good and the iPhone 5 is much better in lowlight conditions.  Face time also is better on the iPhone 5. However, the i-Phone 5 does not massively improve on the iPhone 4S in terms of the camera which is a great disappointment to many iPhone consumers.

IPhone Deals on the Market

These days, it’s possible to get some really good iPhone deals if you look for the older models. The iPhone-4 is somewhat obsolete in premium end terms these days, but the iPhone-4S is still relevant and very similarly spec’d and similar in performance to the iPhone-5. You can get really, really decent monthly contracts on the iPhone 4S and you can also pick it up on eBay if that’s your chosen purchase medium very cheaply and certainly under 300 pounds if you shop around. You might also get it around 200 pounds from a private seller. 

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