Unlike its brother gathering professions, fishing is significantly more complicated. There is a fishing log, but unlike the gathering log it does not give specific locations on where to find the nodes. In fact, there are no nodes at all. You just have to toss your line out there, but there are particular locations all around Eorzea that one has to discover. Unlike mining or botany (at least until level 50), there are some circumstances that effect what can be caught and when. This makes fishing kind of the biggest pain in the butt out of everything else in the game, however this is kind of a good thing. People, unless very bored, don't want to put the effort into leveling fishing, so those that do are rolling in the money at higher levels.

A Complete Guide To Fishing in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The Basics

The profession of fishing can be picked up at the Fishing Guild in Lower Limsa Lominsa. After getting you first fishing pole, just head towards the nearest body of water (which should be right outside) and try it out. You can complete the level 5 and level 10 guild quests right there, so no need to wander yet.

Fishermen use gathering clothes, but the Gathering and Perception stat effect this gathering profession a bit differently.

The Gathering stat affect the rate of landing a catch. If you find yourself failing to land many of your catches, you either need to find a more level appropriate zone or upgrade your gear.

The Perception stat effects the quality of a catch. The higher the perception, the bigger your fish is. At a certain size, the fish is upgraded to a high quality fish. If you want to level fishing up fast, this is rather important.

There are not many gathering actions in fishing as there are in botany and mining. In fact, aside from Bait, Cast, Hook, and Quit fishermen only get Stealth and Mooch. Though one does get some passive traits along the way.

Don't be fooled by the Gulleye passive trait though, it doesn't show you fishing holes. In fact, it is quite pointless. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not, but nothing changes after you get it. Many thought it would give the ability to show nodes, but alas no. Some more helpful passive traits include dune fishing (fishing in sand) and sky fishing (fishing in the sky) which will help land some rarer catches by opening up new places to fish from.

There are also fishing levemetes, but they are not as helpful in leveling as, say, the crafting levemetes. I recommend skipping them, but that is just my opinion.

Most fishing gear is essentially just gathering gear, except for fishing poles. Fishing poles can be obtained by Fishing Guild Quests, the Marketplace, Vendors, but they are made exclusively by the Carpenter Class. Lures, while mostly gotten from vendors, can be made by Golsmithing and Cooking.

Finally, the type of fish caught are determined by three different world factors:

  • Weather
  • Time of Day
  • Moon Phase

Which can be maddening, but this guide should help.

There are several different baits that are used to catch fish. Some are good for freshwater or ocean, lakes or rives, dune fishing, ect. Some also cater to getting bigger catch (meaning a larger chance of HQ fish). Here is a fun chart of the baits, what they do, their bonus if any, and where to get them.

Level Tackle Used In Bonus Where to Get
1 Lugworm Ocean  ---- Vendor in Limsa Lominsa
1 Moth Pupa Fresh Water  ---- Vendors in Old Gridania, Central Sroud, North Shroud (Hyrstmill), Ul'dah, and Limsa Lominsa
5 Pill Bug Ocean  ---- Vendors in Limsa Lominsa, Middle La Noscea
5 Crayfish Ball Fresh Water River Cooking (Level 5); vendors in Old Gridania, North Shroud (Hyrstmill), Central Shroud, North Shroud (Hyrstmill), Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, Middle La Noscea, Western Thanalan (Scorpion Crossing)
10 Goby Ball Ocean  ---- Cooking (Level 10); vendors in Lower La Noscea (Moraby and Candlekeep), Western Thanalan (Crescent Cove), Western La Noscea (Swiftperch)
10 Bloodworm Fresh Water  ---- Vendors in Central Shroud, Central Thanalan, Lower La Noscea (Red Rooster, Moraby and Candlekeep), Western Thanalan (Scorpion Crossing, Horizon and Silver Bazaar)
15 Rat Tail Any  ---- Vendors in Western La Noscea (Swiftperch and Aleport), Lower La Noscea (Candlekeep and Moraby), Western Thanalan (Crescent Cove)
15 Midge Basket Fresh Water  ---- Vendors in Central Thanalan, Central Shroud, Lower La Noscea (Moraby and Candlekeep), Eastern Thanalan, East Shroud, North Shroud (Hyrstmill), Western La Noscea (Swiftperch and Aleport)
20 Crab Ball Ocean  ---- Cooking (Level 20); vendors in Western Thanalan (Vesper Bay), Western La Noscea (Camp Skull Valley)
20 Butterworm Fresh Water  ---- Vendors in South Shroud (Buscarron's Druthers), Upper La Noscea (Jijiroon's and Memeroon's), Eastern Thanalan, East Shroud, Western Thanalan (Vesper Bay)
20 Crow Fly Fresh Water  ---- Goldsmithing (Level 20); vendors in South Shroud (Buscarron's Druthers), Upper La Noscea (Memeroon's Trading Post)
22 Floating Minnow Fresh Water and Ocean Surface Goldsmithing (Level 22); vendor in Western Thanalan (Vesper Bay)
23 Brass Spoon Lure Fresh Water Lake Goldsmithing (Level 23); vendors in Quarrymill and Upper La Noscea (Memeroon's)
25 Bass Ball Fresh Water  ---- Cooking (Level 25); vendors in South Shroud (Buscarron's Druthers and Quarrymill), North Shroud (Fallgourd Float), Southern Thanalan (Little Ala Mhigo), East Shroud
25 Shrimp Cage Feeder Ocean  ---- Vendor in Costa del Sol
27 Chocobo Fly Fresh Water  ---- Goldsmithing (Level 30); vendors in North Shroud (Fallgourd Float), Southern Thanalan (Little Ala Mhigo)
30 Spoon Worm Ocean Big Catch Vendor in Costa del Sol
30 Syrphid Basket Fresh Water  ---- Vendors in Costa del Sol, North Shroud (Fallgourd Float), Southern Thanalan (Little Ala Mhigo), South Shroud (Camp Tranquil and Quarrymill)
32 Silver Spoon Lure Fresh Water Lake Goldsmithing (Level 32); vendors in South Shroud (Camp Tranquil), Upper La Noscea (Camp Bronze Lake)
32 Iron Jig Ocean Big Catch Goldsmithing (Level 32); vendor in Costa del Sol
34 Sinking Minnow Fresh Water and Ocean Surface and Floor Goldsmithing (Level 34)
35 Herring Ball Ocean  ---- Cooking (Level 35); vendor in Costa del Sol
35 Honey Worm Fresh Water  ---- Vendors in Southern Thanalan (Forgotten Springs), South Shroud (Camp Tranquil), Upper  Noscea (Jijiroon's and Camp Bronze Lake), Eastern La Noscea (Wineport), East Shroud (Fullflower Comb), Coerthas (Observatorium and Dragonhead)
35 Sand Leech Dune Fishing  ---- Vendor located in Southern Thanalan (Forgotten Springs)
36 Wildfowl Fly Fresh Water  ---- Goldsmithing (Level 36); vendors in Southern Thanalan (Forgotten Springs), Coerthas (Observatorium), Upper  Noscea (Jijiroon's)
37 Heavy Iron Jig Ocean  ---- Goldsmithing (Level 37)
39 Spinner Fresh Water and Ocean  ---- Goldsmithing (Level 39)
40 Stem Borer Dune Fishing  ---- Vendors in Upper La Noscea (Camp Bronze Lake), Coerthas (Observatorium), Outer La Noscea (Camp Overlook), Eastern La Noscea (Wineport), Northern Thanalan (Camp Bluefog)
40 Sand Gecko Dune Fishing  ---- Vendor located in Southern Thanalan (Forgotten Springs)
40 Krill Cage Feeder Ocean  ---- Vendors located in Costa del Sol, Western La Noscea (North and South Tidegate)
41 Mithril Spoon Lure Fresh Water Lake and Marsh Goldsmithing (Level 41); vendors in Northern Thanalan (Camp Bluefog), Coerthas (Dragonhead and Whitebrim), and Eastern  Noscea (Wineport)
43 Snurble Fly Fresh Water  --- Goldsmithing (Level 43)
44 Topwater Frog Fresh Water Big Catch Goldsmithing (Level 44)
45 Glowworm Any Big Catch Vendor in Coerthas (Whitebrim)
45 Rolling Stone Dune Fishing  ---- Vendor in Southern Thanalan (Forgotten Springs)
45 Hoverworm Sky Fishing  --- Northern Thanalan (Camp Bluefog and Ceruleum Processing Plant), Outer La Noscea (Camp Overlook), Mor Dhona (Saint Coinach's), Coerthas (Whitebrim), Western  Noscea (North and South Tidegate)
46 Rainbow Spoon Lure Fresh Water Lake Goldsmithing (Level 46)
47 Spinnerbait Fresh Water River Goldsmithing (Level 47)
48 Streamer Fresh Water Floor Fishing Goldsmithing (Level 48)
48 Yumizuno Ocean Big Catch Goldsmithing (Level 48)
50 Northern Krill Ocean  --- Western  Noscea (North and South Tidegate)
50 Caddisfly Larva Fresh Water Big Catch Vendors in Outer La Noscea (Camp Overlook), Northern Thanalan (Ceruleum Processing Plant), Mor Dhona (Saint Coinach's), Coerthas (Whitebrim)
50 Soil Creeper Dune Fishing Big Catch Vendor located in Coerthas (Whitebrim)
50 Ballon Bug Sky Fishing Big Catch Vendor located in Coerthas (Whitebrim)

Fishing Locations

I am no sadist, I could list all the fish in the game, all the locations, and where specific fish are caught but I am not going to. Why do so much needless work when there is already a resource for it.

Time for a map an interactive gathering map of Eorzea. This map shows not just every fishing location, but where mining and botany nodes are as well. It is a great companion for completionists.

For completeness, I would have liked to list all the fish that are caught during different weather, times of day and moon phases however even I have not discovered all the fish yet. I have been fishing since day one and even 2 months later, it is not complete. It is, if anything, a great MMO feature for true grinders, but it may also be the entrance into insanity. Usually, no mater how long you fish in an area, one or two will remain illusive, leaving fisherman to come back at different times with different bait. The game has not been out long enough for even a google docs of these rare fish to come out yet.