A bronze light fixture is a little bit different than the basic kind of metallic color that you might be used to. In fact, this is a great way to really get a contemporary look that is still warm with an antique feeling in your space. There are several different color tones as well as styles of this kind of fixture that you can find to really coordinate it within your room. It's a functional piece that every room needs but it can still be pretty. It helps you to create a vintage room or a shabby chic design

An easy way to update one of these items is just to add on shades in a more contemporary color. This will match anything from black to chocolate brown or you could even bring in a pattern. Then use a variety of different eclectic materials like antique light fixtures, faux silk curtains and a damask fabric. You can also stick with a traditional theme just by going with a burgundy stripe.

One thing that you want to consider when you choose a bronze ceiling light fixture is that this is easy to coordinate with all of the other elements of your space. This could be simple things such as picture frames, candlesticks, and even hardware on the doors or furniture. This can mean that you may want to just get a can of spray paint and take off all of these items and just paint them. This can be a very classic and traditional kind of design style. However, whenever you add in new items it can be difficult to find this color. However, this is one of the few warm tones that isn't overly shiny such as a brass or a cold feeling such as silver. This is really a way to get a unique look that is going to require a little bit more work.

The really great thing about this is that you can use it for a bronze bathroom light fixture. Again, you'll need to consider all of the metallic elements in the space. This is a great way to really unify all the different metallic elements you have going on in your room and just choose something that's going to be very enduring. You might need to spray paint your frame around the mirror as well as even the shower door frame if you have a glass shower door. You can even continue this theme onto your curtain rods and shower curtain rods. It's very important to really consider every single element in your space to get a cohesive design.

An antique bronze light fixture is going to be a softer kind of color. Oftentimes this even has green kinds of tones to it. This can look a little bit aged but depending on how you style the rest of the room it can really work to your advantage. The great thing about this kind of finish is that often times whenever you do find it, it is on clearance and on sale. These are the kinds of pieces that may have been sitting in the back room for years because again this isn’t the most popular so that when you do come across it this really can work to your advantage.

This is a really great way to figure out exactly what you want. In decorating it's very tempting to go with the trends. However, when you decide to go with one of these materials it shows that you know what you like and you get it even if you have to hunt for it. This is a kind of room where people are going to walk into it and see that all of this feels like you. It can still have a lot of trendy elements to it so that every item is really going to have your own unique personal touch to the space.

Another thing that you want to pay attention to when considering a bronze vanity light fixture is to make sure that the piece feels very cohesive. For instance if you are going with a basic glass kind of fixture then you want to continue the warm theme. Just a white frosted glass can seem a little bit too contemporary and modern. You can just find more amber kinds of shades to continue the rustic or stained glass feeling.

A more modern version of this is an oil rubbed bronze light fixture. This is the perfect solution if you are updating your entire kitchen or you just want a newer kind of look in your space. You will want to make sure in this kind of room that you are getting pieces that are going to be enduring. Even something like a kitchen faucet could cost hundreds of dollars so you want to make sure that you truly love it and that you are going to be able to stand by it even after this popular finish has gone out of vogue.

The other side of this coin is that you might have these pieces in your room already and you just aren't in love with them. A great way to fix this is just with a little bit of spray paint. The color is going to depend on the other metallic elements that you have going on in your space. However, if you want more of a contemporary kind of vibe then you can replace all of these light fixtures and just consider simplifying them. This could be as simple as taking off crystal elements. Another option would be just to replace the ceiling medallion with more sleek versions or even just a plain metal. This is going to have a lot of that filigree work and it won't get as much attention. Another great way around this is to paint it the same color as your ceiling or your wall color. This is a way to create a monochromatic color palette so it's not really going to stand out but when people notice it they'll probably like it just because it just has relation to the rest of the room . Even contemporary rings and unique geometric kinds of shapes add interesting elements and this can actually work to your advantage over time.