A complicated kindness is a great book that one should read. This is a novel written by Miriam Toews.

1. My reaction to the book was kind of sad. I felt bad for Nomi since she lost so much and she rebels because of it. But I do think that her father did want to be like a real father in her life, but didn't really know how. Like when she asks him questions throughout the book that he couldn't really answer, so I think he was kind of afraid. I feel as if he always needed to have an answer when really he didn't have one. I also didn't really like that they talked about Tash and Trudie a lot but they never told said what happened to them other than her mom was seeing her teacher while she was still with Nomi's dad. The book was ok it kept me interested but I didn't like it a lot because there were a lot of unanswered questions, and I didn't really like the way the book ended just because I wanted her family to be back together again.

2. There is gender difference in the book when you see the way that Nomi and her boyfriend deal with things differently. I also do think besides her family issues that Travis was sort of the reason Nomi was rebelling against society. This teaches you a lesson to never rely too much on your boyfriend. It is important to think for yourself.

3. The ending of the novel sort of stunned me. I thought that in the end her father would tell us what happened to her mom and her sister. I didn't think that everyone would leave her. I thought it was super sad that her boyfriend knew what was going on in her life yet he ended up cheating on her and leaving her. Her best friend and her stopped talking because of they were losing touch because they were far away from each other, and then her other family members thought that she was trouble so they didn't care for her. That is a sad situation for anybody to be in and I think she could really have used some support. What I also got out of the story was that it seemed like Nomi wanted help but she didn't really know how to ask people, so she showed in rebelling against society. In the end I think it just shows that you have to move on and start a new beginning even if people that meant the most to you leave.

4. I couldn't really relate to Nomi and her life because none of that really happened to me. I also don't think that I could have ever been as strong as her at the age of 16. I would have most likely given up and would have fallen apart if everyone close to be just left. There was one thing that I could kind of relate to I tend to think in the past and the whole saying "what could have been" or "what if" instead of looking in the future like Nomi did throughout the book when she talked about memories she had with her sister and mother before they left. Other than that I can't really relate to anything else.