What to Expect from the Biggest game of the Fall

One of the largest video game enterprises of our time recently released the largest, most in depth game of the Grand Theft Auto series. Known for its controversial content, and title, the Grand Theft Auto series immerses the player in a dynamic, ever changing world which is a satrical representation of reality. 

To sumarize the overall game, you can switch between three different main characters: Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

The plot involves dozens of side missions, as well as plenty of main missions which keep the action flowing. The final product effortlessly shows off the improved graphics and gameplay capabilities.

Free roam games have rapidly increased in popularity, as the technology allows for larger maps, more immersive environments and interactive abilities which overall serve to make the gaming experience far superior to what some have coined "rail shooters" or "maze games".

There are hundereds of vehicles to drive, fly and pilot through the many different climates and environments in the Los Santos map. 

Not only that, the player can also interact with random occupants of Los Santos, perform tasks and meet new contacts simply by roaming in this vast expanse of fictional Los Angeles. 

Having played the main missions, I can say that Rockstar has outdone itself with a display of cinematic know how, as well as a near perfect blend of gameplay, and seamless transitions in between missions. 

I also played Red Dead Redemption, another title published by rockstar, and I can see how they used traits of that game as well as older Grand Theft Auto titles to create a whole new free experience for the player. 

Everything has been touched up which makes the game eye candy for anyone who can appreciate near photorealistic renderings of water, skylines, cars, trains, boats, and many more items within the game.

Although there have been some glitches regarding GTA V Online, as well as the car garage storage ability in the game, Rockstar has promised to resolve these issues and are already working on fixes. 

Much of the hype of the game was in how new and improved the common GTA traits would be, including driving, combat dynamics, and more in depth portrayals of a living, breathing world.

I have always liked free roam games, from Far Cry 3, the other GTA titles, and Just Cause 2 (just to name a few). To finally play Grand Theft Auto 5, I was amazed with the improvements and application of other features from their other titles. 

The team at Rockstar filled this game to the brim with everything they could fit on two discs to create such an immersive, interactive title. 

They brought back old GTA favorites such as the ability to fly planes, base jumping and the Rhino tank. Rockstar also added some new features such as scuba diving and many more "mini games" available on throughout Los Santos. 

This goes without saying, the game has recieved a Mature rating from the ESRB due to its intense violence, blood and gor, nudity, mature humor, strong language, strong sexual content and the use of drugs and alcohol. 

This game gives you the choice to be good or bad, as the player you are given the controls over how to treat other "people" in the game. There is a lot of controversy regarding this title and what it allows the player to do, but it must be noted that there are in game consequences for in game actions. As much as this game resembles reality, it is not reality and unfortunately, younger players who get the game from their parents or older siblings may have trouble understanding this.

In a certain light, GTA 5 is the epitome of gaming "Freedom" in that the player can interact with this fictional society in nearly any way. They can play along by the rules, or simply go bezerk and have to face the consequences of their actions.

For a mature audience, this game can be a lot of fun and entertainment because of how much effort that was put into this game. 

This goes without mentioning the new Online feature that just started two days ago. This allows for players with internet connnections to create their own missions, partake in various activities and extend the playability of the game exponentially. 

Rockstar follows its own path when it comes to gaming which is why GTA has become such a successful franchise. Rockstar is not afraid to give the player the ulitmate choosing ability in regards to the world that they have made.

On a scale of 1-10 I would give this game a 9 because there are still some glitches in the gameplay and the map is not totally imersive (due to technological limitations). 

Whether you're a fan or not, GTA 5 is a remarkable display of gaming capability, a culmination of years of improvements and a top notch display of where Rockstar, and the gaming world, are heading. 


Grand Theft Auto 5 Jeits 2013-10-03 4.5 0 5