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Illuminati History is a subject that many people find intriguing and frightening. For the reason that an idea of a secret organization controlling and governing everything: the government, media, royal families and even the music industry is something that no ordinary human being could even begin to fathom.

However, the fact remains that this secret society bears it name in history and many people debate its existence to this day. Most would rather not think of such a thing but to those who do, only have a vague notion or understanding of what it really is.

 Here is a concise take on what you need to know about the Illuminati.

  1. What is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati was a secret society founded on May 1, 1776 formed to stand against various political, economical, secular and religious influences over public life. Many conspiracy theorists today believe that this secret society has lived till modern day times and that they continue to plot schemes to this day. Many conspiracy theorists that have studied Illuminati History suggest that elite and powerful men belong to this group and that they exist today to control world events, and major economic happenings for the sole reason of power, money and prestige.

    2. Organizations before the group's inception

Historians have believed that Illuminati history predates its existence. Organizations such as the Knights Templar in the 1100s, the Freemasons in the 1500s and the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776 are believed to have given birth to the secret organization that was formed by Adam WeishauptFounder of Bavarian IlluminatiCredit: Wikipedia, the founder of Illuminati.

The Mysteries, who learned in what was called Mystery schools, are believed to be its origins. Certain knowledge and advanced information in the fields of Science, Medicine and Art were only shared to this secret elite group and it was believed that these schools taught this knowledge to its members in the hopes of furthering the improvement of society.

Back then, It is said that they have held the highest moral standards and that it was only throughout the course of time that it was slowly corrupted and replaced with selfishness and evil.

    3. The Illuminati Mindset

Illuminati History and numerous historic writings and letters of prominent Freemasons and Illuminati authors have shown that the basic underlying belief of the group is that of a social Darwinist world view.

It explains that in order for one to succeed in society, one must acquire the "Truth". That "Truth" is believed by the Illuminati to be hidden from society and that one must pursue it by all means necessary in order to gain the success they desire.

This explains why in Illuminati History some documented writings of elite men and women imply that they don't believe in an afterlife or that if God exists, He judges in a different fashion based on one's good deeds over bad. Basing from this, they believe they can always balance out their "Karma" and avoid consequences of their actions.

In other words, they don't really care much of a Superior Being that rewards good with good but rather a more "Survival of the Fittest" mentality.

    4. The Goal of this Secret Society

In a book called "The Illuminati: Facts and Fiction" by Mark Dice, which explains Illuminati History and its origins and evidence in the world today, there is an ultimate goal that any secret society (be it Illuminati or otherwise) intends to come into fruition. All parts that make up the world: finances, real-estate, healthcare, industry and society will be controlled by an entire socialist system (the Illuminati and its inner circle members) for the sole purpose of acquiring all the world's wealth, power and resources.

The Illuminati intends to do this by controlling the banking system, the information that is being fed to the masses (the Media) and to establish a so called "New World Order" wherein everyone must rely on the government for healthcare, jobs, education and basic necessities.

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Is it starting to sound a bit too familiar? Or is it mainly a work of fiction?

As you can see, you are only beginning to understand what Illuminati History really is but do bear in mind that this information has yet to be proven by solid evidence. Being that said, don’t get yourself worked up by being paranoid for every action you take.