It always amazes me how much some contractors fight me on this notion, but it bears repeating that business cards for construction company owners are absolutely essential. Perhaps you think that most homeowners don't care one way or another, but you couldn't be more wrong. It's one of those things that, if overlooked, can be an absolute killer for your company's growth prospects.

Let's start with the obvious. If you don't have a construction business card to leave with a prospective client it will look completely unprofessional. After all, they'll be left wondering about the quality of your work if you're not even willing to drop a twenty on some quality business cards. Nothing screams "amateur" like a contractor who has spent little or no time on marketing materials.

In addition, the primary function of a card is to act as a communication resource for the customer. Even if they want to learn more about you or hire you how are they going to get in touch with you? If you make them look through paperwork or go back online just to find your number then they may get frustrated and just give up or move on to someone else. Keep in mind that people today are impatient and the more difficult you make the process for them the more likely you will lose out on getting new work. People call you to make their lives easier, not harder. As a business owner your primary function should be to alleviate problems, not create them.

Lastly, remember that business cards are essential when it comes to referrals. If you leave a stack of cards with a homeowner who was happy with your work there's a very good chance that they will hand out some or all of them to friends, family, and neighbors. Word-of-mouth referrals are great, but they convert so much better when accompanied by a tangible piece of marketing material that a potential client can put in their pocket and take home with them. That card will probably end up sitting on their kitchen counter or refrigerator door for a few days, more than enough time for that person to remember that they wanted to have work done and that you impressed someone they trust. Without the card they might have forgotten all about you.

Contractor business cards could quite possibly be both the most important and least expensive piece of your entire marketing strategy. Considering all of the benefits that I just outlined, it just amazes me that home improvement professionals wouldn't be interested in spending what amounts to lunch money on some quality cards for their business.