Every person who does business online understands the importance of getting a steady stream of traffic to their website. There are millions of dollars made off of internet marketers who are constantly searching for new traffic strategies. I happen to be one of those internet marketers who has spent thousands of dollars on information products for traffic generating strategies.

About 2 months ago I purchased a product called Traffic Dashboard created by Kim Roach and realized that I was leaving a lot of potential web traffic on the table. Most of the traffic strategies in Traffic Dashboard do not require you to spend much money, if any at all.

Inside Traffic Dashboard Members Area

One of the strategies that I learned from this product is repurposing your original content into other formats. Essentially, with this strategy you can create content one time but distribute in different media forms.

Example: You create an original post for your website or blog. You can use that content within that post to create a pdf file, powerpoint presentation, podcasts or audio files, infographic, or video. So from that one blog post you have created 5 different forms of content. Additionally, all of these forms can be distributed in several different ways giving your website extra exposure and traffic.

Here are some places that you can distribute your pdf files, slides, podcasts, infographics, and video:


Scribd is a place that you can distribute your pdf files. It is very simple to upload your files and it is free. Also keep in mind that your powerpoint slides and infographic files can be formatted as pdf files. If you consistently upload quality content, then you could see some referral traffic coming to your main website.


In Slideshare you can upload pdf files including powerpoint presentations. In addition to that you can add Youtube videos to your powerpoint slides if you have done a video. Slideshare also allows you to add clickable links within your presentation.


A podcast is simple to setup in iTunes. All you need is a place to host your audio files like Lybsn or Podcast Revolution. The service that hosts your audio file will have a RSS feed that you will submit to iTunes. Once you submit your feed to iTunes your podcast should be ready to go within 48 hours.


A lot people prefer to get their information in video form and Youtube is usually where they get it. Obviously, this is the place that you should submit all of your videos. In the video description box you should have your website url before anything else. The first thing that people should see after viewing your video is your website url.

I started implementing this traffic generating strategy and, according to my Google Analytics account, my referral traffic has begun to increased. My only wish is that I had come across this strategy a couple of years earlier.